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We are a small company who are developing 3D browsergames. Our current project is a 3D MULTIPLAYER FIRST PERSON SHOOTER

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  • 3DRIVER - Testversion 2.0
    1 year ago

    To play the game, please go to:

  • FPS - Testversion
    1 year ago

    @alucard4311: This game is in Pre-Beta (Alpha) stage. We are not concentrating on Main Menu designing. The most important thing in Alpha is that everything runs without bugs and not the design of the Main Menu. We are going to improve the Main Menu in the Closed Beta (soon). Sorry for the spamming if it has hurt you but we need testers for the game to develop it and to discover all bugs.

  • FPS - Testversion
    1 year ago

    False! We began developing this game with a starting kit that a guy offered us because we didn't want to began the game from 0 so, to save much time, we downloaded this kit and now we are replacing and improving step by step all things that were in the kit by our models/scripts. The developers of "Correspond" did the same.

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  • alucard4311
    alucard4311 said 1 year ago

    your fps game blows. stop having bots push it on other sites

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