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  • Sneak peek (spoiler perhaps) at the temple of sin - Will You Ever Return? 2

    Who is that protagonist? Who are these Demons? The Temple of Sin is now complete! 

    Posted On: 11/21/2012
    Views: 633
    Comments: 2
  • New content coming within the month.

    Yoski Woski, Because this game, to my complete surprise,  has become relatively popular. I'm adding a second level. Some test screens of which can be seen...

    Posted On: 11/10/2012
    Views: 577
    Comments: 0
  • Oh no! new content!

    So there was lots I couldn't do which I've half done now and because some people have said nice things I'm going to add some extra things to the game. Not quite sure what yet but I'm thinking of...

    Posted On: 11/6/2012
    Views: 531
    Comments: 1
  • My Halloween Claymation game

    My Halloween Claymation game is finished with a suitably hellish soundtrack. It is a three week effort for the Rpgmaker(vx).net halloween contest but moreover than that it is a game for friends...

    Posted On: 10/30/2012
    Views: 747
    Comments: 3

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