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  • Finished!

    The game is now playable and uploaded, check it.

    Posted On: 12/10/2012
    Views: 427
    Comments: 1
  • Done and Dusty 2

    Will You Ever Return II is now finished, at bloody last. Going to upload tomorrow so that I can give it a wee playtest and sleep on it. As the cool kids say, "Watch this space". 

    Posted On: 12/9/2012
    Views: 477
    Comments: 0
  • here we go

    With a bit of luck Will You Ever Return? 2 will be done after yon weekend jam. The "story" is slowly piecing itself together and I've been garnering ideas for "puzzles". When I say "story" and...

    Posted On: 11/30/2012
    Views: 459
    Comments: 0

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