Year of the Comet

By Jetdrive Gaming - Added On 7/25/2012

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Water, Earth, Fire, Air

Who will you lead to victory? Take command of one of the 4 nations and follow Aangs journey to becoming the avatar, or change it entirely.

Will you be the legend to bring down the walls of Bah Sing Se? Or will you create an impenetrible city that not even internal threats can bring down.

Will you hold the line against the Firenation onslaught? Or will you turn the tides and counter invade?

Will you push the sister water tribes to war with each other?

Only you can decide!

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Abrahim Ladha
Abrahim Ladha 2 years ago
to get that achievement. I have to participate in the development of the game? okay! how do i do that. you guys need any help?
Indie7 2 years ago
Holy buns I want to play! <Avatar fan here> =D
Jetdrive Gaming Game's Developer
Jetdrive Gaming 2 years ago
The game is in very early development stages, but there are opportunities to beta test in the coming months! Keep tuning in every Friday for updates! :)

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Developer: Jetdrive Gaming
Genre: Strategy/Sim
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: Game Maker


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