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By Grusty - Added On 10/31/2011

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Virtual Lawyer follows the average day of an average lawyer. It combines the fast paced action of writing up paper work, with the exhilarating high of knowing there is more paper work ahead!

You should pick up the game play pretty quicky (I didn't include instructions but that's because it's easier than strangling a baby). You can win the game, and your progress is saved when you exit. There is also a total of 10 easter eggs, each one activated by typing a phrase.

Here they are:

f***yes - (I'm sure you know what it says >.>) And it sums the easter egg up perfectly.
nyan - Shows... Nyan cat.
D: - Quick, get the spritzer!
pwetty - Makes things colourful.
imbored - Lets you play a clicky game.
thatannoyingguy - His clothes are mesmerizing o_o
nomilktoday - Puts the amount of paper to be done to one.
makingasale - Shows Handlebar Sally (an in-joke)
guusissexy - Shows Guus (another in-joke)
I'm not creativebunch! - Opens a youtube video in your browser (in-joke -_-)
stopeverything - Stops all easter eggs.

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Grusty Game's Developer
Grusty 2 years ago
Thanks for playing/rating! If by little purpose you mean no purpose at all, then yes.
junhalestone 2 years ago
That's OK.
Yeah - you have a point... :-s
junhalestone 2 years ago
An interesting game - seems to be little purpose except to make a point..

Still - good job. I like the ending ;)

Game Info

Developer: Grusty
Genre: Strategy/Sim
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker


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