Time Travel Constructor

By Stoney - Added On 6/15/2009

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This game was created for the Mini-LD #9 competition.

You are playing a ruthless economic money-obsessed mogul whose only intention to earn as much as possible by placing buildings. Unfortunately all the best spots are already taken so you have to travel back in time in order to build there.

There is a time limit in which you have to earn 500 money units in order to win the game.

There are still a few bugs here and there, maybe I'll improve the game in the future, but at the moment it is as finished as it can be.

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Alex Ford
Alex Ford 2 years ago

Great game, I thought is was easy, the only two issues I had

  1. You didn't make clear that you should build next to the trees
  2. The lumbermill description is way off

I'd say this deserves a 4, good job!

qwertyuiop 4 years ago

I can't play, the downloaded version won't work, could you please add quick play?

Stoney Game's Developer
Stoney 4 years ago

Sorry, "Quick Play" is not option, that would require me to rewrite the whole game. But if you could tell me what kind of error you are getting when you run the game, I could try to fix the problem.

Mikea15 5 years ago

I just love those types of games :)


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Developer: Stoney
Genre: Strategy/Sim
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Delphi
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