Team Warfare

By Roan Contreras - Added On 3/4/2010

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A worms-themed game. Features a Campaign mode(with 10 missions), Custom Battle, 6 weapons, Map Editor(for your own maps), A splash video, earthquake effect and more. You can change the names of your team members, change the player hats, and disable the destructible terrain(enabled in campaign) in the options. There are story lines in the campaign missions. Instructions(with controls) are in the game. Made for YoYo Games Competition05. Made in Game Maker 8. Any errors, and glitches(enemies are still a bit glitchy but still playable) should be posted here...

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Seven 4 years ago

One of the BEST! 5/5

[A]PP 5 years ago

featured on IndieBurst -

WITS 5 years ago

Played this on YYG already. Nice game!

Society 5 years ago

Making Scorched Earth-esque project in GameMaker ? Nice, yet greatly lacking details, try: 1) It should be possible to continue campaign with return to main menu after beating each mission. 2) Battles are too slow: most of times we just fire at each other from close distances until someone dies. Also no ballistic knowledge is really required. 3) “Critical hits” is not something people likes in SE-style games. Just to note. 4) AI is unbelievably rough – enemies mostly hurting themselves, yet never really miss. Heck, even first Worms (on SNES) had a lot smarter foes. 5) There not a much difference between different weapons – just used Laser Rifle nearly whole time. 6) Maps lack any interactive elements, so even there tactical part is minimal. 7) Players should be able to scroll map while enemy is moving.

Kris 5 years ago

Very nice toads, although ive told you this on skype...

Roan Contreras Game's Developer
Roan Contreras 5 years ago

Thanks guys!

@Baudoux Jérôme, well the rules from YoYo Games Competition05 says, no full screen... So the Screen Resolution cannot be changed.

@Former, Thank you =)

Jerome Baudoux
Jerome Baudoux 5 years ago

Nice game.

It would be handy to be able to change the resolution though. (or maybe I miss the option ?)

Former 5 years ago

Awesome Game! I like the worms style of gameplay!


Game Info

Developer: Roan Contreras
Genre: Strategy/Sim
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker


Mild Cartoon Violence

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