Summon Stones

By KD88 - Added On 5/15/2012

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Summon Stones

Genre: Strategy RPG
Players: 1

Arrow keys - move the cursor around
Space - Action
Escape - Skip Scene / Quit
F4 - Full Screen

This is a turn based strategy-RPG game, where you move your units one by one, attacking enemies, using skills and summoning creatures to aid you in battle.

Plot of this game revolves around magical stones that have power to summon and control monsters.  One day they were stolen and scattered across the land. A young man and his friend set on adventure to find these stones for the reward money. But things start to get complicated as there are others who want the stones for themselves.

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REDD Gaming
REDD Gaming 1 year ago
It's alright. A bit on the awkward side with it's dialogue but fairly solid when it comes to the actual game. I'm questioning the lack of easing into the early game, but it works for fans of the genre.
Whitechapel 1 year ago
I don't see why this game would have such a low rating; the game is literally what I've been hoping to find on GameJolt since I first joined! Great find!

Game Info

Developer: KD88
Genre: Strategy/Sim
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker


Mild Fantasy Violence

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