Senseless War 2 (Beta1)

By Coffee - Added On 6/4/2011

This game is still In Development and is not currently playable. Follow this game to be notified of any updates!

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Senseless War is a platform Tower Defense game. Use your Cash and Souls to buy units, towers, and god powers. Killing enemies will increase your Cash amount, while Orb Sentrys are used to absorb souls. Each tower has a Max Range which is displayed when the Mouse is over a tower. Moving units is similiar to a platform rts game, as well as the original way, units as well will no longer leave the screen.

Controls: F1 - Display Game Information LMB - Select Buttons (Used for most Player Actions) RMB - Used to cancel most Actions Enter - Enter Cheatcode R - Restarts F2 - Debug Mode, nothing special
Options Menu: Choose Race - Choose between Humans or Mythical Units Castle Color - Choose castle's color
Credits: Coffee - Game Programming (and temporary graphics) Omerta - Final Graphics

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Game Info

Developer: Coffee
Genre: Strategy/Sim
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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Mild Fantasy Violence

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