Little world - Cells vs Virus

By NemorisGames - Added On 4/11/2010

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A small game with an interesting concept. Life simulation.

Create a cell and try to eat enough to divide and meet the level limit, but watch out for viruses that attempt to infect your cells.

It's simple, but fun. Try it!

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TheAfterlifeGames 5 years ago
nice idea, enjoyed the graphics
Pnyf 5 years ago
Neat idea. Personally I think the game needs some strategic component to keep it going past ~7-8 levels. i.e., make your cells move faster, or be able to resist virus attacks, or get an extra call, etc.

Also, I think the randomness of levels detracts from the playability. Certain randomizations of a given level are really impossible, while others win themselves with little intervention. I think the game lends itself to a much less random approach. See any given "strategic" flash physics game as an example.
NemorisGames Game's Developer
NemorisGames 5 years ago
Thank you so much for your comment and rating. Your ideas are very good, i'll work into that. Thanks again!
SumYungGai 5 years ago
The "Call" doesn't seem responsive enough. And some of my cells just disappeared randomly... maybe they didn't eat enough food or something? I don't know... but very frustrating at this point...
NemorisGames Game's Developer
NemorisGames 5 years ago
The call point just attract them for a little while. If the cells don't eat enought food, they die.

Thanks for your comments.

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Developer: NemorisGames
Genre: Strategy/Sim
Status: Complete
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