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By Beals Software - Added On 6/5/2014

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The audio components have been removed until a future release as of version 1.0. If you download 0.6.3, please ensure that you install OpenAL as that version of the game requires it. The installer is included in the download folder. 


You take the role of the Emergency Pod Management Bot (EPMB) on a spaceship. The passengers have been put into chryo-sleep due to the length of the journey. Somewhere along the way, disaster strikes, ripping apart the hull and disabling most of the automated systems. It is your job to keep the patients alive and asleep.


The game mainly uses the mouse - on the settings screen you need to press escape to go back and in game you press escape to bring up the pause menu.

Your goal is to keep people alive (inject booster shots to bring their immune system up so that they don't get infected or diseased), keep them sleeping (inject with sleeper shots). To do this, click on the passenger's pod and then click the action in the action window.

You will need to manage your inventory as well by clicking on the Inventory window and then clicking the corresponding button to produce the item you want.

You can restore processors by clicking on the bot status window (the one that has the processor progress bars) and then clicking the corresponding button in the actions window.

You can restore the Immune System Stabilizer, which will automatically inject passengers with boosters shots when their immune system drops below 65% as well as curing infections and diseases (this still uses your processes, but will do it for you.)

You can restore the Sleep System Stabilizer which will inject patients with sleep shots if their sleep level drops below 25% AND you have at least two open processes (this is to avoid the sleep stabilizer from taking up your last processor.)

Asteroids might cause more hull breaches and can damage pods. This will also stop the bots from repairing their pod so that they can return to repairing the hull (and the oxygen level will drop back to 0.)

Once the hull integrity has been restored, you gain access to the repair pods. You must repair all pods with living passengers and wait for the oxygen to fill up for the game to end.


  • Injections can fail to work and can have negative results (sleep shot will lower their sleep and injections will lower immune system and can cause them to become infected.)
  • The system levels of a passenger drop based on the pod's damage level. The more damage, the quicker they drop.
  • Patients are constantly healing, but they are also constantly taking damage based on the state of the pod and their own status.
  • The lower a person's immune system, the quicker their health and sleep levels drop.
  • Check out the readme for codes to use on the override panel.
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craigster 4 days ago
Awesome game just absolutely my favorite on the website.
Dropdatderp 3 weeks ago
Haxor 1 month ago
I can't seem to log into GameJolt throught your game..
It just freezes for a minute and then says that my token/name is invalid ;_;
Samsa-Studio 2 months ago
Really i love you! You are friendly and everything. I love you games and I can say something: I working on tornado simulator 2D where you need to survive in city for tornadoes
Thedudxo 2 months ago
where is the OpenAL installer?
Beals Software Game's Developer
Beals Software 2 months ago
The new version shouldn't require it, so it was removed - all audio components were stripped until we get sound effects and background music. I'll update the notice at the top.

If you're getting an error, let me know and I'll look into it an reupload a copy that contains it until it's fixed (or can you download the previous zip, 0.6.3, which contains the OpenAL installer.)

I apologize for the inconvenience!
Thedudxo 2 months ago
I get no error, however running the .exe does nothing.
Samsa-Studio 3 months ago
I really like your games, and you project ideas are interesting.
I hope you come famous at future!
Good programming for you!
PS: Sorry for bad english
Beals Software Game's Developer
Beals Software 2 months ago
I apologize for the delayed response, I overlooked the email notification. Thank you very much for the kind words, they are really appreciated!

Also there is no need to apologize, your English is just fine. It's a hard language to get a handle on.
HavocLeader 4 months ago
The game is not working for me.
Beals Software Game's Developer
Beals Software 4 months ago
Are you just getting an error and then a crashes?

My guess is that you need to install OpenAL for audio - there is an installer in the download folder.

Unfortunately there isn't much I can do to help at the moment as I don't have access to the source code for this release. However, the new release is going to be uploaded very soon (being tested now) and doesn't have this requirement.
lionoun7 4 months ago
I'm new and don't know how to start a game
Samsa-Studio 4 months ago
Good ideas at you. And good game :D
Beals Software Game's Developer
Beals Software 4 months ago
Thank you, glad you liked it!
1_dee219 5 months ago
Awesome Game.
Beals Software Game's Developer
Beals Software 5 months ago
Thanks for playing, we're glad you liked it!

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