Infectonator : Survivors

Infectonator : Survivors

By Toge Productions - Kris - Added On 8/21/2013

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Infectonator : Survivors is now AVAILABLE on Steam Early Access. Check it out here:

We've got the Greenlight! Thank you every one for your support! Check out our old Steam Greenlight Page:

Special Christmas Edition is now available on, play it here :

ATTENTION! This game is still in alpha-stage development. You may encounter bugs, missing features, and unbalanced gameplay.

From the creators of the popular flash game Infectonator, comes a new game!
Infectonator : Survivors combines RTS, Tower Defense, and Management-Simulation gameplay. Lead a group of survivors in a struggle to stay alive and finding rescue in a zombie apocalyptic world.

The game world is randomly generated everytime you play a new game.

Strategy (TD + RTS + Tycoon Sim + Roguelike)

None / minimum story. A small group of survivors is stranded in a city overrun with zombies. To get out they need to fix their broken down car. However, finding supplies is not easy.

Art Direction
Pixel Art in 2.5D Semi-Isometric view

Target Platforms
PC, iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android

Actionscript 3.0, Starling Framework, Adobe Flash Builder 4.6, Adobe AIR

Key Features

  • Addictive TD gameplay combined with action packed real time strategy and tactical elements
  • Deep and engaging management simulation gameplay
  • Awesome pixel art graphics
  • Randomly generated world for high replay factor
  • Character customization
  • Permanent death (for hardcore players)

Updated - 9 Feb 2014 (v 0.40)
* Added Skill Points system
* Max level changed to 10 (previously was 5)
* Equipped weapon info is now showed when changing weapon & opening inventory
* Added new weapon
* Added more levels
* Kick-out Button is NOT WORKING YET!

Updated - 14 Nov 2013 (v 0.33)
Bug fix - Level Up will not reset character health to 20.
Updated some UI elements.
Minor game balancing.

Updated - 12 Nov 2013 (v 0.32)
Added Knockback effect on weapons (especially melee).
Fix save game inventory duplication bug (Old save game prior to ver 0.32 will be removed).
Added Character Portraits on Survivor screen.
Improved mouse & touch controls during gameplay.

Updated - 30 Oct 2013 (v 0.31d)
Fixed bug - "tutorial" scene occurs in every single mission

Updated - 30 Oct 2013
Added merchant store (available on day 2)
Game now saves automatically everytime you return to HQ
Player can load the game from the main menu by pressing the (tiny) LOAD button
Scrollbars can now be dragged propperly

Updated - 16 Oct 2013
Added mission & global objectives.
Tweaked drop rates & overall difficulty.
Support now have cooldown & usage limit

Updated - 16 Oct 2013
Added tutorials.
Survivors will now consume FOOD/SUPPLIES each day.
Added mission budget

Updated - 8 Oct 2013
Added survivor encounter/rescue, search drops weapons, randomly generated world & levels

Updated - 30 Sept 2013
Added explosion FXs and now you can change your characters' weapon inventory

Updated - 4 Sept 2013
I've addeda mortar strike support in the game, no explosion animation/effects though. Levels are now persistent, turrets you've built will stay in the level and objects that you've searched will remain empty

Updated - 29 Aug 2013
I've just uploaded a new build, now with a little bit of story (this is only a test, the story will change) & dialog screens.
+ Optimized pathfinding
+ Added a shotgun
+ etc...I'm lazy

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BlitzLaciel 1 day ago
yeah it's fun but some bug come to make the experience less good
Schizo 2 days ago
Really good!
Gonerwun 1 week ago
Very well executed, though as others have said the controls are on the weak side. Other than that, an enjoyable game!
SerythCrypt 1 week ago
The controls we're a bit lacking in my opinion
potatertot 2 weeks ago
better controls and possibly multiplayer
Nycto 3 weeks ago
Was good until the controls went terribly wrong. Everyone died because I couldn't click on the Police Officer.
Pretty bad game. Make controls better and then maybe it'll be decent.
ShadedMemory 3 weeks ago
I came here to say you guys should try to get greenlit / on steam but I see you already have! haha. This is amazing. I could play this for hours!
acorns 3 weeks ago
I misspelled within twice. SOOOO within*
acorns 3 weeks ago
Well I had some issues.

I wanted to sign in so I could play from any computer, but It took me to armor games, to sign in. THEN I was on the site, and could not get back to gamejolt. So I was playing infectonater within armor games, withing infectonater, withing gamejolt.

Also I guess the game was a little confusing. My characters would keep swiping when I was trying to drag them. And after a while it just seemed to get a little boring.
I also didn't understand the point of searching? Or at least I don't know how. Also my scientest died.

R.I.P Flame
"I rate this game 5/10"
Tenshi 1 week ago
You dont need to drag the Characters just klick on one and klick were you want Him/Her to move.
Searching gives you Supplies and Money you can also find Weapons but the Chances are quite low
And its not the end if one of your characters dies because you can find new survivors from time to time , only thing that sucks is if the character dies every level and exp as much as the skill will be lost to so youl have to start with another survivor un Lv 1 again -.-

That said ill give it a 7/10

since your right about "And after a while it just seemed to get a little boring. " since its like the same stuff over and over again and you cant kick out the survivours you dont need so your running out of supplies fast everything else is good i think xD
lalovargas790 4 weeks ago

Game Info

Developer: Toge Productions - Kris
Genre: Strategy/Sim
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: Flash
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