Flow: God is dead

By Society - Added On 3/7/2010

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This game was canceled by the developer, so the current version might be buggy or incomplete. You can Follow this game to be notified if there are any updates.

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Title: 'Flow: God is dead'
Genre: Turn-Based Strategy
Graphics type: 3D (DirectX 7)
Version: v0.48 - Alpha
Dev.environment: PureBASIC v4.40
Distribution: FreeWare OpenSource.

Game controls:
Space - End turn.
Left\Right - Camera rotation.
Up\Down - Set camera distance.
Esc - Quit game.
LMB - Select Being\Action.
RMB - Reset selection.
Mouse whell - Set camera distance.
MMB (when moving cursor) - Camera rotation.
Ctrl+M - Music on\off.
Ctrl+A - AutoSave on\off.
Ctrl+S - Save game.
Ctrl+L - Load map.
Ctrl+R - MiniMap on\off.
Ctrl+E - "End turn" button on\off.
Ctrl+F - "Search active Being" button on/off.
Ctrl+B - Being's tables on\off.
Ctrl+C - Player's Beings counter on\off.
Ctrl+T - Omit current melody.
Ctrl+O - Bring Options panel.
Ctrl+Q - Bring map's story.
I (without selection) - Vizualize action area for Being under cursor.
I (with selection) - Show databoard for selected Being.
U - Load last autosave.
Enter - Goto selected Being.
TAB - Search next active Being.
PrtScn - Take screenshot.
Ctrl+[1..0] - Bind select Being to key.
[1..0] - Select corresponding Being.

Map editor controls:
Left\Right - Camera rotation.
Up\Down - Set camera distance.
Esc - Return to map creation panel.
LMB - Creation\Alteration of Being on selected platform.
RMB - Delete Being from selected platform.
MMB - Camera rotation (when moving cursor)
Mouse Well - Set camera distance.
Space - Change height of current platform.
1,2,3,4 - Change current player\Change owner of Being on selected platform.
T - Create Tree on selected platform.
A - Create Agave on selected platform.
0 - Create FrostBite on selected platform.
U - Reincarnate Being on selected platform.
TAB - Ascend Being on selected platform.
+ - Add energy to Being on selected platform.
- - Decrease energy of Being on selected platform.
G - Change platform's color to gold (like after Reincarnation)
F - Transform cell to elevator block.
N - Transform cell to Ignorance Obelisk.
Home - Select Being type for quick insertion.
Insert - Quick insert selected (through "Home") Being on selected platform.
Ctrl+M - Minimap on\off.
Ctrl+E - Being's tables on\off
Ctrl+C - Player's Beings counter on\off.
Ctrl+S - Save map as...
Ctrl+R - Save map.
Ctrl+L - Load map.
Ctrl+B - Bring dialog for editing map's story.
Ctrl+P - Bring dialog for editing map's epilogue.
Ctrl+X - Bring dialog for edititing map's links.
Ctrl+* - Bring dialog for edititing map's security code.
Ctrl+? - Bring dialog for edititing map's in-game password.
Ctrl+Q - Bring window wiz map's info and partial settings.
Ctrl+O - Bring settings panel.

*If cursor is near to edge of window, map will be scrolled. A faster way to move camera is clicking on mini-map.
*If zis game going slow on your PC, try to disable "Select Beings by model picking (slow)" option in settings panel.
*Conservation of energy, although energy can be transferred from one owner to anozer, wiz equal success taking shape of any Being, total amount of energy on map will always remains unchanged. Just remember zat.
*Absorber must see it's victim. Because of of any Being’s transparency, zey aren't really obscuring view, but isn't so wiz platforms.
*Rule of cap: higher dominate lower.
*Attack of Meanie freeze it's victims, forcing'em to miss zeir turn.
*Blue squares suitable for reproduction, yellow for absorption, purple - for both. White marked cells indicate active Beings.
*Sentry always taken >all< energy of zeir victims (except, of course, Reincarnates), and capable of absorbing zose who are 1 level above’em, because of platform's height. Unfortunately, zeir inability to replicate zis platform doesn't allow'em to breed.
*Society can alter ze internal structure of zeir victims while absorbing, forcing zem to transfer some energy every turn (through special channels). Such changes would progress wiz each turn and passing to victim's spawns. Each Society can have no more zan six open channels.
*To order Being to Reincarnate, double-click on it with left mouse button. Note: after zis procedure it's will be impossible to return old type to Being by any means.
*Reincarnates shalt not visit Ignorance Obelisk. It's law.
*Sentinels absorbs zeir victims completely, like Sentry, but it works even with Reincarnates. Also, because of zeir gigantic size, zey can absorb Beings which is at 2 levels above'em. Because of such gabarites, however, zey are static.
*Just like zeir lower form (Meanie) Hungers are capable to froze zeir victims. Such frozing, however, lasts for whole 12 turns instead of 1.
*Because of height zey flying on, Jinxes can absorb Beings which is at 1 level above'em.
*Just like Society, Defilers can change internal structure of zeir victims, forcing'em to some number of energy every turn (through special channels). These changes would also progress on zeir own wiz each turn, being passed passed through channel share during spawning and absorption of ozer Beings. Every Defiler can up to 56 open channels. When amount of Defiler's changes reach critical point, victim's neural section will be suppressed, rendering zose Being to actively attack it's neighbors, infecting'em (even allies !) by transferring own Channels.
*Instead of absorption, Amgine would transfer part of zeir energy to target.
*Using technique of False Reincarnation, Enigma can transverse to zeir antipodes (Amgine) at anytime. And vice versa.
*Due to unique flexibility of their internal structures, both Enigma and Amgine don't lose their reproductive capability even at lowest energy levels.
*Every Enigmatik dreams about equality, yet who will allow'em filling whole world with zeir Obelisks?
*Never try neglecting personal relationships: no shields would save Reincarnates from their Ascended fellow - only distance and some reasonable tactics.
*You could always see whole world just by observing it from right angle. Unfortunately, even Seers can’t put seen things to use before next turn.
*There are no gold, yet Ascendants would still likely avoid it.
*Good trips always come with bright colors in-box.
*Hatred always blinds... Hated ones.
*Sapienti sat.

Reincarnation table:
Spectator -(80E)-> Justice
Sentry -(160E)-> Sentinel
Meanie -(50E)-> Hunger
Idea -(30E)-> Jinx
Society -(100E)-> Defiler
Enigma <-(N/A)-> Amgine

Special thanks 2: 
Oxid(2k) - For initial cursor sprite.
BT_Uytya - For track '01 - Light & Darkness'.
Vangelis - For tracks '02 - Pulstars' and '04 - Lost'.
Frank Duval - For track '03 - Dream-Machine'.
Kipelov - For track '05 - Metal Souls'.
John Carpenter - For track '06 - Requiem to God'.
BG-General - For Idea's model.
Platon - For B3D SDK's Includefile.
Diplomat - For main menu's background.
Psynogsis - For zeir awesome puzzle "Sentinel Returns", which give me main idea for zis game.

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AtomBreaker 2 years ago

Having some problems on startup... I get "Nothing Inside" then flow.exe stops working. Don't know what's wrong, looked through the game's "readme" file but it says more or less the exact same as the description here. Any tips?

Society Game's Developer
Society 2 years ago

Already experiencing same problem myself. While there are no "proper" solution (due to lack of clues), enabling compatibility mode with Windows 98 helps. Try it and report results, please.

Samuel Garcia(gmx0)

It was complicated. Im being generous.

Society Game's Developer
Society 3 years ago

Ahem... Still trying to provoke someone into rating your load of crap ? Have to disappoint you: wrong recipient here.

Gonnamad 3 years ago

good-oddy game, interesting gameplay, awerange IA and really exciting atmospheres

nnk4 3 years ago

Very unusual game mechanics. The stylistics reminded to me Darwinia somehow.

Vika8biT 3 years ago

Excellent game, it can be played forever ^_^

Maneater_James 3 years ago

At the very least, it's something oddly mesmerizing to watch. In a good way, of course, perish the thought. Keep working on making it more user-friendly and you might just strike gold one day.

gamecreator 5 years ago

awesome game with interesting gameplay

Society Game's Developer
Society 5 years ago

Well, it feels quite good to know that people still enjoying your work even after 3 years from project’s cancellation. So close and yet so far… Thank you, doods ! Now, concerning your remarks: yes, of course some tutorial was planned. What’s even more: there should also be some main campaign with training map and increasing difficulty. Sounds good, huh ? Just 1 little problem, however: I’ve planned to start making such stuff after bringing Flow to Beta stage, so after silent abandonment of those project, referenced plans are very unlikely to actually happen. May be one day...

Zack 5 years ago

Nice game. The graphics were cool and it worked. I agree with Darshell, an ingame tutorial would've been good. But other than that, I liked it.

Darshell 5 years ago

man this game is really good i think you should put in a tutorial or something because i had to read your tips while playing


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Developer: Society
Genre: Strategy/Sim
Status: Cancelled


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