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Be the first one to dominate the nature of this world. Be the mankind's best architect. 

DeForest is a sim city like where you are the new Architect of the town. You have to fill up the whole map with man's constructions in less years as possible. Its pretty simple you left click to choose a construction, right click to cancel.

When a house is builded you will start to loose money. Every time the bar is fill up, you loose 20$ a year. An Industry will make 100 $ a year. One year is represented by the bar filling up.

Here the constructions : House (H), Industry (I), Mall (M), Hospital (O), Mine (N), Fuel Pump (P), Tractor Industry (T) and Farm (F). 

F1 - Help and R - Reset

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vazor 5 years ago
A different type of gameplay, nice- also interesting take on the Rejection theme.
compositeredfox 5 years ago
Great game. Really communicates the concept within the gameplay. And I liked the music, it sets the mood. Good work.
J Tremblay Game's Developer
J Tremblay 5 years ago
Thank you for the good comment and rating!!! I do love the music too, I am glad that you had a good experience with the game. I really wanted to express how human have the tendency to build over nature. I just missed to represent how this nature has a signification for people. Per example, a park near my house used to have beavers (Canada), that was pretty cool. Now its a Townhouse... I wanted to express that feeling too, but I think that will be a whole different game...
makerManCan102 5 years ago
pretty nice, but it goes a little slow, and the music isn't that good.
J Tremblay Game's Developer
J Tremblay 5 years ago
Thanks for comment, the music is from Son House, he is a classic/famous blues' player. The game is met to be a little slow, it starts slow, and the paste of game accelerates after a couple constructions (like 3-4 industries). While you are waiting for money to come in, you are suppose to discover and appreciate the music while you are waiting for money to come in, since you do not like the music. Since you do not like the music that much, I do not think your experience was that great.

Game Info

Developer: J Tremblay
Genre: Strategy/Sim
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Action Game Maker
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