Cake Pirate

By Smallfarm Studio - Added On 10/12/2009

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Cake pirate a defense strategy game, in this game you will defending your base from evil pirate and his creatures.
Build your tower, upgrade it and make a spesial recipe to defeate your enemies.
There 25 recipes including 5 basic recipes that you can make, 8 upgrade skills and also 20 achievements that you can collect.

If you had any difficulties, you can see this game walkthrough at

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Boots 7 months ago

Design could be better, I'm fine with the game play. But I'm thrilled with the caked theme!! So cute x3

Jupiter Hadley
Jupiter Hadley 8 months ago

Cool game! I made a little LP of it!

Gornova 4 years ago

really good graphics, good gameplay but nothing new on it

Karmington 5 years ago

sorry, no constructive criticism, it's just not my cup of tea. oh actually, the tutorial maybe gives too much in one go, might split it up a bit, make 2 or 3 intro levels where the player is eased into the system.

Josh Forde
Josh Forde 5 years ago

Very polished. I like. Haven't delved into the game too much yet, but from what I can tell, the cake system looks unique.

J Tremblay
J Tremblay 5 years ago

It's a beautiful creation, I really appreciate the graphics, the music, and all the things that I can do in the game. The only problem I see is : What is the difference between your game and this one : or any tower defence? Well you could say that the theme used is different, the enemies are not the same, and that the graphics used for everything are different, but it remains very similar to other tower defence games.

In general the game proposed here is really impressive, as I programmer myself I am really impressed by the game.

But what the game proposes to the player is the same thing as the other tower defence games seen online. As a game designer, I am not impressed. It seems cruel to say, I know all the work that the game represents. But games are about interactions. Cake Pirate is fun that is for sure, but all the other tower defence games that have I played were fun too and very similar.

In other words, I don't want to change what the game is, it is a really great game. But could it be the next Braid? I don't think so... In my opinion it is a well made game and it is fun, I just personally find it unoriginal. I hope the creator is going to put the same amount of effort into an original game with original game mechanics

rotten_tater 5 years ago

Hmm. The title music is from Super Mario RPG. This looks beautiful to me, but I'm not the biggest tower defense fan. The concept looks pretty unique to me too.

KniteBlargh 5 years ago

The system seems a little complicated at first, but I think the concept brings something fresh and new to the tower defense genre. I like the visual style too, nice and cheerful.


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Developer: Smallfarm Studio
Genre: Strategy/Sim
Status: Complete
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