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By CrySet Games - Added On 7/21/2011

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BlockzBot defence is a tower defence based game with a new type of twist.
You play as a Bot (robot) in a world set in the future. The story is still being worked on and is likely to change. The main goal in each game is to survive a certain amount of waves, by either using your bot wisely, building towers/blockz or building units.

Features of the game:

~ The bot:

~~Can be played in a top-down shooter sort of style
~~Has a lot of different purchasable upgrades (health, weapons, stats etc..)
~~Can collect different itemsĀ 

~ Enemies:

~~Currently 5 types of enemies
~~Some will directly attack blockz
~~Some will directly attack units/your Bot
~~Some are ranged, some are melee
~~Spawn from any direction outside the map area
~~Don't follow a path, they'll blast their way into your base

~ Blockz

~~Blockz can be purchased and placed adjacent to other blockz
~~Can be upgraded into different towers, or upgraded in general (stats)
~~Can be upgraded into defensive blockz (Large amount of health, protects towers and mainbase)

~ Units

~~Currently only 2 types of Units (Fortress and Punisher)
~~Punisher is a small ship that deals heavy damage
~~Fortress is a large ship that deals heavy damage and has a large health pool

~ Spells

~~Spells can be purchased and unlocked in-game
~~There are currently 4 spells, and 2 spawning spells
~~Spawning spells:
~~~Spawn a repair bot to repair allies and blockz
~~~Spawn an amplifier to amplify towers attack and attack speed
~~Other spells:
~~~EMP (stops all EMP vulnerable enemies for a short duration)
~~~Freeze (Stops all enemies for a short duration)
~~~Mine (Places a destructive mine on the ground)
~~~Smart Bomb (Damages all enemies on the field)

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JesseWhitfield 3 years ago
Reminds me of Drone RTS

Game Info

Developer: CrySet Games
Genre: Strategy/Sim
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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