Blobbit: Color Clash

By VomitOnLino - Added On 8/18/2010

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Blobbit, which derives it’s name from goo-ish blobs that are placed on the playfield, intermingles elements of ‘Go’ with a set of unique ideas. The goal, not unlike ‘Go’ is to conquer the board — assimilating other players.

Modes of play:

Besides the baseline play variant, there are several play modes available to spice up the default conquest mode. There's also a level editor, sudden death mods as well a competitive ad-hoc multiplayer mode to attain lasting appeal.

How to play:

Played using the mouse only.

The game play mechanic pretty straightforward and should explain itself by playing a quick game against the AI. If you are stuck – there is a help function inside of the game, that probably does a better job at explaining the ways of playing this game, than I could do here.

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TheGuardian 4 years ago

Looks nice - but I'm not very good at strategy games lol. :/

Therefore no rating for fairness.


Game Info

Developer: VomitOnLino
Genre: Strategy/Sim
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Blitz
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