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This game was developed during Hacking Health Vancouver 2013 hackathon. The player navigates through a playground as an autistic child with auditory hypersensitivity. Proximity to loud children causes sensory overload for the player, impacting cognitive functions. This impact is represented as visual noise and blur, as well as audio distortion. Participants described the experience as visceral, insightful and compelling.

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Posted By Chloi Rad 2/27/2013

As games evolve as an industry and an art form, so too does their capacity to be more than just entertainment. More and more often, we are seeing games that break free from the tradition of “fun” that has, in some ways, impeded its potential to offer a wider range of experiences. There are games that make us cry, that provide experiences that may differ from what some people know, that lay bare the devastating reality of something like depression. These games don’t rely on fun to engage us. They capture our attention in other ways. Auti-Sim dares neurotypical players to experience a moment in the life of an autistic child, experiencing a sensory overload on a busy playground.

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Scaryschoolbus 2 days ago
i have a spectrum of autism....I can hear shit in other rooms and shit....stop exaggerating! xD
good game btw
Bumcivilian 2 months ago
top kek, would spaz out again.
SageCogs12 4 months ago
If you're wearing headphones, and I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT CLIMB THE PLAY STRUCTURE!!!
Ethan_22 5 months ago
This is one of the better games I've played, but it was quite laggy.
Also, I just jumped over a spot in the fence short enough to jump over. I obviously went out of the boundaries of the game, as the terrain was different.
Anyway, this was a beuatiful game, thank you for making it.
SherlockHolmes 4 months ago
leaving the playground is the point. It's the only way to make it quiet again. This game is meant to simulate how things seem to an autistic child with auditory hypersensitivity, the only way to make it better is to leave the "boundaries".
Phantomkyuubi 6 months ago
This was eye opening. I made a video on this just now in an attempt to hopefully get more awareness on the subject. I thought it might also be good to have more than just autism as a sim like this, or other stages like teenager, adult, elderly, etc. Thanks for making this game.
azuritereaction 6 months ago I did a video on this a while back that got some decent views, check it out if you'd like and/or add it to the media selection for the game, I'd be honored if you did. :)
jameselife5 7 months ago
i am a thirteen year old boy with asperger syndrome
SageCogs12 4 months ago
Same here, but I'm 15
Bumcivilian 2 months ago
Same here, but I'm 28 and I don't have Asperger's syndrome.
MarinaRose6994 7 months ago
I couldn't play this for more than a few minutes, the noises were really bothering me and it was scary and I just wanted to run far away. The game is definitly effective in it's simulation of over sensitivity
LiamJoly 8 months ago
As a teen with autism i can confirm this is kind of a visual represantation of your emotions in a situation like this. But a bit over exaggerated. I stood around a group of kids for too long and my headphones nearly blew out because i had them at max volume.
TomoyaC1 8 months ago
This is a really good game. Really short, but it's a simulator. The noises are aweful scary and at some points i thought my ears will melt >___<

I did a lets play of this game:

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Developer: Taylan Kay
Genre: Strategy/Sim
Status: Complete

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