Arenum a fantasy arena management game

By Samppu - Added On 8/5/2012

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Arenum is a free fantasy gladiator team management game. What this basically means is that you control a team of gladiators, or as they are called in-game, Sentinels. You hire randomly generated gladiators from 30 different races with their own unique abilities and traits and build your dream team. When the team is set, you'll face other teams and fight against them in tactical turn-based combat.

There's also tons of different ways to customize your team. You can, for example, buy equipment for your gladiators and also enchant the equipment. And as your gladiators gain experience they'll level up and you'll be able to choose them skills from three different skill trees and place points to four different attributes.

You start as a newcomer to the arena games in the game, and this basically means that you start from the very bottom: from the Slave's League. You only have your lifetime savings, which isn't much. And you have only one goal: you want to win the Legendary League, just like any other arena team. But it will take some time; you have to win the four other leagues first (Slave's League, Warrior's League, Hero's League and Supreme League).

There's huge amount of content in the game. In addition to the league games there's also The Continental Cup and The Grand Skirmish. The Continental Cup will pit you against teams from other leagues and the winner of the league will get special rewards, and The Grand Skirmish is kind of the Olympic Games: it is held every four years and there you'll face foreign teams. They'll provide you a challenge for a really long time as they have foreign technology, items and may be even races!

Check out indiegogo to download the game and for more information: You can also support the project at indiegogo!

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alanscandalitta 1 year ago

I want this game Q_____Q

KosmicGamerGR 1 year ago

I want it soo much!

kitestar 1 year ago

demo link on indiegogo page broken

samuelCR 2 years ago

Nice fun game


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