A Nation of Wind

By Jameson Wilkins - Added On 8/16/2012

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“A Nation of Wind” is a freeware video game featuring elements of gameplay from both “Arena Shooters” (like Geometry Wars, Super Stardust, and Asteroids), and “Real Time Strategy” games, (such as Populous, Starcraft, and Actraiser). 

Set in a world of floating islands and airships, the player is tasked with commanding a ship and establishing/defending colonies. Players will be forced to deal with the bizarre creatures that come up from the lower atmospheres to wreak havoc on their airship and settlements, while appeasing the god’s of the land and eventually bending them to the player’s will.

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whendricso 2 months ago
Love this game!

Why is this not on Steam ?!?
sandcrab1317 9 months ago
This game had mad potential, I was having a great time just building up my little town from little hamlet to bustling city, There are of course things that need to be fixed improved upon and added. But that's to be expected with something in development. The ship combat was interesting the mechanic of how to use the main arms was quick to learn and entertaining to use. The building was easy and fun, And the visual style is just fantastic. The monsters were a bit too frequent and overly powerful at time, I had to restart about 12 times when i first picked it up till i got something that would last down. But that small gripe aside, Because I myself was getting used to the mechanics of the game, I see a lot of potential in this and would LOVE to see this all finished up with more building options ships maybe but not really needed.
Anyway. Great idea fun and addicting, You have the makings of a real winning game here.
raspjessie 9 months ago
i Love love love this game is one of the best games i have played in a while can't wait for the finished product.
SoaringStudio 1 year ago
Now this is a great game! im looking forward to this one good luck!
XDStamos 1 year ago
Amazing game. I have no idea why no one famous on YouTube hasn't played this yet. Add a storyline, or quests, it would make it much better.
bluemtndew 1 year ago
One of my fav games on here! :D
3idolon 1 year ago
Hmmm the overall concept is nice. I've played two game areas already and all I can say is, for me, it would've been better if there's some sort of quest or a storyline or something, you get the idea. But it's nice. The game's brimming with potential, it's just lacking enough drive to push me to play it until the end.
3idolon 1 year ago
Still, it gets a 5 star from me. It's good, should get more players and really, would've been nice if it has a story/scenarios/you get the idea.
Man_Smells 1 year ago
One of the most creative games here, Simply magnificent. Im a hard gamer that likes 3d games but most of the time its 2d or maybe pixel, Im lucky i clicked on developers we love with your picture on it, One of the smartest things i have ever done! Good job keep it up!
Blockboid 1 year ago
I get a lot of errors when I try to push the WASD, Variables missing
omgitslogan 1 year ago
I like the game but I'm a little confused on a couple things and it's probably because I'm a total noob and I need to be spoon fed everything... Anyways, there is an enemy unit that destroys anything I build near it but I can't seem to get rid of it. Also it's telling me to tow an egg to safety with space bar so I can hatch it but the space bar doesn't seem to be doing anything. Maybe these are bugs or maybe I'm just a complete idiot but either way awesome game :)
Jameson Wilkins Game's Developer
Jameson Wilkins 1 year ago
What enemy unit are you talking about? What does it look like? If it is an anthill, those are not enemies, they simply spawn enemies, you can get rid of them by casting minor water magic on them.

You have to hold down on Spacebar to tow the eggs, then you need to feed them food by clicking on them while in Build Mode.

Game Info

Developer: Jameson Wilkins
Genre: Strategy/Sim
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
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