Seam Racing

By Prads - Added On 7/2/2011

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Seam Racing is a drag racing game where you race against ghost opponents controlled by CPU or your previous race. This is the first 3D game I have ever written. Currently, game has 4 cars and 3 tracks but more cars and tracks will be added soon.

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RandyG2504 1 year ago
the game is over here
Dvirus1980 1 year ago
Where is the game?
Stefan021 9 months ago
Simon Hasur
Simon Hasur 3 years ago
Oh so good. I am still at work with CTruck3D _Real, to make a bigger terrain to run on. With a bigger terraiain, obtained with a 2D array of a struct containing a trianglulized 100x100 terrain, I will be able to put in also an airplane, and a truck... which can be entered and exited like in GTA . A remake of GTA for physics-oriented people and with few or no multimedial content like CTruck3D itself, is a kind of product which many would appreciate I think. Well, I still in C standard... . Even if I never wish to write in anything more complex than C standard, people made me very interested in C++, because they say that certain things can be obtained more briefly and more elegantly. For example, the problem is that introducing a truck (2 bodies liked by 1 rigid articulation), needs to add looots of ugly code with biiiiiiig matrixes, copied, modified, re-copied and so on... maybe in C++ this kinds of data like bodies and triangluized terrains can be represented in a more clear way. But again, i only know the physics behind this games and how to make the game in the simplest possible manner. But anyway i'll look at C++ too, for purely cultural interests. OF course there isnt and ther will never be a programming language that can represent confused and bad methods in a good manner.
Simon Hasur
Simon Hasur 3 years ago
Download could be made easyer. Finally someone writing in C/C++!! OpenGL? Some more info would put this cool game in better light. But it's cool. and is C/C++... is there anybody who does his own texture -algorhyhms, or am I alone??
Prads Game's Developer
Prads 3 years ago
Thanks. I tried to upload the game in GameJolt but it showed me some error, so couldn't put the download link here. The game was written in C++ with DirectX 9 API.

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Developer: Prads
Genre: Sports
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: C/C++
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