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By Guy - Added On 6/14/2009

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Googigi had his 13 birthday yesterday and he get a birthday present from his parents - Blue remote control car. 
Googigi went to the park to check his new present, suddenly he saw his friend with his red remote control car, then he thought: "Let's race". 
Game modes: 
One player: You play as a blue remote control car, and you compete against a red remote control car (That controled by the computer). 
The race places are gardens with grass, rocky ground, sandbox and more. You also have to finish every race in 30 seconds, or else you lose, so be fast! There are some obstacles too, so try not to hit them, because you got health and life, and you don't want to lose, right? 
So let's start the engines and GO! 
Save and load: Any time you finish 2 levels in one player mode you can save the game, then in one player menu, you can load the game you saved. If you save a game it will delete the last save, and save on it. 
Two players: In the two players mode, player one play as the blue remote control car, and player two play as the blue remote control car. The courses of the race are in the same places as one player mode. 
Training: In the training mode you can practice, there is one course that there on it coins and cones, you need to collect the coins and avoid from hit the cones. 
Player one: 
Up arrow - Drive forward 
Left arrow - Rotate left 
Right arrow - Rotate right 
Down arrow - Brake 
Player two: 
W - Drive forward 
A - Rotate left 
D - Rotate right 
S - Brake 

Escape - Go to menu and quit this page 
M - Mute off \ on 
R - Restart level (Only in training and two players mode) 
F1 - More information.

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(Terror)Bubba 3 years ago

I like how the car is a bit slime-ish and hard to drive, instead of just plain speed as some games have. I also like the aesthetics of the game, like the level with an water hose as an obstacle. Those things are great. But there's also a lot of things that lack quality, as the bot, the meny and some in-game features. I'll start with the menu. The menu is just a background with buttons, and I'm not a fan of that. A games menu doesn't have to be flashy and super smooth. But it certainly need more content and some kind of nice looking layout. Maybe a couple of drawings of the games levels, obstacles and cars. The next thing the game lacks is a good AI to compete against. I know these are pretty hard to do well, and I can't do it myself, but there is a really good example for this (I can't remember the name of it but here's another one ""). The problems i have with the AI is that it always takes the same amount of time for it to get the the goal (unless it gets stuck somehow), it cannot be pushed, the balls doesn't push it and it always goes the same path. I also found some minor problems with the game like: The game freezes at the start of every race (between the seconds in the countdown) instead of having a timer that would do the job. As i said, this is very minor, but things like these makes games look unprofessional. I know the game is old and I don't expect you to update it, but these is some things that is really good to keep in mind.

(Terror)Bubba 3 years ago

The AI just follow a path and it seems like nothing can stop them. Otherwise, good start for a car game, i like some levels design. 2/5. Add some better save system and level menu. Game Makers inbuilt save system is lame, use a extension or make a own save system :)


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Developer: Guy
Genre: Sports
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker


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