By Paul Legovitch - Added On 5/29/2009

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Japong is a sport for hardcore players : it's a real-life pong game and a very hard one.

Japong stands for "jump and pong" because you can't just move that paddle up and down. You must jump, double-jump and flip-jump with perfect timing to control the direction of the ball.

Different bonuses can help you to beat your opponent, problem is : he can use them too.

The computer is usually better than you at this game so you will need to practice a lot to go through the 12 matches and play the special ending stage (your progression is saved though).

Friends can join you in a 2 or 4 player game, and they should because it's a lot easier against human beings (joypads are supported).

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Didgaraya 5 years ago

The game looks very nice, has fantastic appearance and animations, OK or better music, but the gameplay isn't that good (to be truly honest, first game left me with feeling of irritation). I remember old Pokemon valleyball style game which worked similarly (and was actually very addictive) but there was no, well, shield there. Instead, the body of a pokemon was the way to hit the ball. That's what I kind of miss here, the gameplay simple enough to learn it in seconds but to master in weeks. I'm sorry I cannot say anything better this time :( But I truly believe that if you will playtest the game more and simplify the mechanics to let player use his pink shield easier, game will become 50% better quite immediately. Because the rest is on a very good level.

Bugaham Games
Bugaham Games 5 years ago

Really polished, and has good graphics, but the gameplay... The computers can move and jump much faster, and are very cheap, its a good idea, accept you cant really control the ball, unless you are jumping or falling, and would've been better if you followed traditional pong bounce here (hit left go left hit right go right)

Paul Legovitch Game's Developer
Paul Legovitch 5 years ago

Hey, I remember you said some nice things about it :)

I'm glad you're giving it a shot once again ! It's still really hard to get into though, don't be too harsh on that ;)

Toadsanime 5 years ago

Played this quite a while back when it was first uploaded elsewhere, possibly 64D. I wasn't aware you were its creator until now. I recall quite liking it and thinking well of it, so I'll comment on it properly once I've re-played it.

scoz 5 years ago

Wow, this is amazing, really polished. There are a few instances of engrish and spelling errors (like technques in the tutoria room) but apart from that this game is amazing. Kudos!


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Developer: Paul Legovitch
Genre: Sports
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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