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  • New Sluggish Morss game is out

    The new Sluggish Morss game is out now: 

    Posted On: 1/31/2014
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  • The third has a trailer.

    Posted On: 1/28/2014
    Views: 332
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  • ad infinitum

    I'm writing the text for the third game, it is smaller and more fragmented. Where one was about reminiscence and two was about premonition three is about figments and infinity. 

    Posted On: 1/7/2014
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  • Sluggish Morss - Extended Soundtrack released

    It's landed, the dirty elctro noise of sluggish morss can now be yours for £1. Also included is a bunch of digital "art" based around the game.  Get it in you HERE!

    Posted On: 3/23/2013
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  • Sluggish Morss - Extended Soundtrack

    So I'm going to release an extended soundtrack from the game at the weekend (23/03/2013), to no doubt a muted response, in the vain attempt to make some money to pay the daunting bills. It will be...

    Posted On: 3/19/2013
    Views: 695
    Comments: 1
  • Sluggish Morss: A Delicate Time in History

    This is a game about time and the id. It's a companion piece to Sluggish Morss by Jake Clover. There's a 5 song download on the game page and...

    Posted On: 2/17/2013
    Views: 541
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