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By Mabi Games - Added On 4/2/2010

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GAMEPLAY VIDEO: http://www.livestream.com/edmgames/video?clipId=pla_d7175604-11bb-4058-8c6f-174455f9cd2a

Zombie Movie is an intense isometric shooter that takes place during the filming of a famous (and obviously), a-lot-of-dead-zombies type movie. Your goal is to make as much points as possible by killing different zombie types during about 6 minutes.

First of all, the game starts with a movie director telling instructions to the main character, the hero (you). Throughout this movie, your goal is to kill as much zombies as you can. To do so, you will be procured weapons as you progress (kill zombies) through the 6 minutes 30 seconds maximum length movie. In other words, you have 00:06:30 to kills as much zombies as you can.

Your overall score as well as other statistics will determine if the movie was appreciated or not. In order to make as much points as you can, you got to stay as near as you can to the helicopter's shadow (where the director is filming from). By doing so, the camera will record a better image of your actions, therefore, you may earn up to ten times the points you could of earned by killing a zombie. You can also earn bonus points from streaks. Streaks are obtained when you kill more than one zombie in a row (sniper may be useful for that type of combo).

That's all, I will let you discover the rest. Careful, this game is hard and requires strategy.

Here are some information you might be interested in:

150 kills = Sniper Rifle
550 Kills = Rocket Launcher
1250 kills = surprise weapon (not a big surprise)

The game features online high score. Hopefully, we will meet you there :).

From the NextDoorGames' team,

Have fun!

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tekman92 1 year ago
When i die it gives errors and closes when i try to continue.
if using the downloaded version it just says this before going to highscores at all:
action number 1
of Create Event
for object obj_highscore:

Error defining an external function.

If using the quick play it lets me type in a name then when i hit enter it says:

action number 1
of Key Press Event for <Enter> Key
for object obj_highscore:

Error in function real().
what can i do about this?
Well done, I'm giving this 4/5. The mechanics are a lot of fun, I like the rec icon which lets you know what kind of bonus you're getting for kills. On the downside, the game would have been much easier to play if it had mouse aiming, only being able to shoot in 4 directions was a little confusing and limiting. In the end though I probably need to practice a bit more. This game is really good.
IklimaSoft 2 years ago
I like this your game. Music is very good
Milad Zarrin
Milad Zarrin 4 years ago
I'm sorry. I have to get back my 5 and give you a 4. Just because ESC key reset the game and your score ... P button for pause is not a good idea, i think.
Mabi Games Game's Developer
Mabi Games 4 years ago
What is the matter with ESC? It was the guidelines of the contest we entered with this game. Sorry :-(
STM1993 4 years ago
Just downloaded and played for a few rounds, so I'm judging it on initial impression.

Have to say it gets difficult past the sniper rifle because it is not easy to reach the supplies and each subsequent gun has less and less ammo (even though it gets easier and easier to kill mobs). I know it is possible to lure the zombies over and make use of the kamikazes, but usually when I do that and then run off to grab the supply, it disappears by then because I have to maneuver past the tonnes of zombies who are still in the way and the fact that the helicopter follows the crowd (in addition to the bonus, the helicopter will drop supplies directly below rather than throw it towards a secluded spot). This is also despite the fact that the helicopter occasionally guns down nearby zombies - doesn't seem to be really helping at the later stages of the game.

I praise the implementation of the stopping of movement during shooting. It wouldn't really hinder your run&gun tactics and it works really well with players who decide to camp at a spot and shoot for a while before moving on.

Overall, I don't think its the type of game I'd be committed to, but I do enjoy it as a form of quick entertainment. I believe with some practice(with my aiming) I will be able to enjoy the game more. There could be an endless survival mode for players who are really good at it too instead of being strictly restricted to 6 and a half minutes.

Good work!
xSargent Sasquatchx
This is a 5/5 right here played for about 20 minuets
aarona68 5 years ago
Good game here. I would have given it a 5, but there is no option to change the controls!!! I mean, real gamers are used to wasd being their mvmt keys, so please give us this option.
Really good game though, kudos. I didn't find anything wrong with it other than the movement. Oh, I would say that you should make it where you can move and shoot at the same time, rather than have the guy crouch every time you fire a shot.
MabiGames 5 years ago
We made this game for a competition with the arrows constraint at first so we didn't think of that kind of option. The crouch/shoot was part of the idea and we tought it would make the gameplay unique since it's a zombi game where you run from the them. We didn't want the player to run into zombies while aiming so straffing would be the obvious choice but that would not suit the not-automatic weapons. Thanks for feedback.
Nick (MrDimwit64)
Nick (MrDimwit64) 5 years ago
This game is way too slow on my hardware.
I know that Game Maker puts unnessesary effort into displaying graphics on the screen, but you could have used some tricks to make it faster, such as making instances invisible when they are outside the view.
Please add an option to turn off the blood, it just slows things down heaps.
The game itself is alright but its bland and boring (that can happen at low fps's) this game could be better.
Mabi Games Game's Developer
Mabi Games 5 years ago
Hi there, thanks for replying. Actually, I have optimised this game as much as I could. I tested it on my school's crappy computers and it ran alright.

If I disable blood, it will change the whole gameplay unfortunately :(. Is it lagging from the beginning or after a while?
ultima666 5 years ago
i think that the hard part of this game is the health navagation, although the screen effects are cool when you are about to die, im interested into how much life is remaining, like a small hp bar above the character?
i also think that the weapons should be switchable when you earn them, and have separate ammo, i mean the pistol has like 20 clip and the sniper has 10 clip, and when the spawn gets crazy and the heli goes too far in, the extra ammo helps. also i would think an graphical upgrade for the gun on the character would be very cool, so that you can see the character use the sniper rifle? i also think that when you get a certain multiplier it should shoot above the zombies telling the ?x multiplier, making it very arcadey.
This game is overall phenomenal, i would think that upgrades like flame ammo which you pick up or a shotgun to help clear the zombie flood. or a grenade launcher, since in the beginning of the game the sniper rifle is hard to mitigate alarge zombie horde of 5*5 zombies. i think you can make it harder by adding a cone on the heli that you can only get points when u are in its field of vision. Great game. hope comments help
Ashley 5 years ago
I've given this a three, which may seem a little unfair considering I've given many shorter games a rating of 4.

I like that you've added multiple levels, but I'd like to be able to select which stage to play on from perhaps a level select option on the menu. You've got to remember that when you increase complexity, the user is /will/ expect more from you. :)

I was also quite disappointed (as were a few other people) that the helicopter did not follow me around the map dropping goodies where I could access them easily. If your argument is "it's an action movie" then sure, I'm the movie star, film me! Similarly, if your argument is "there's a certain tactic" then that just shows that the game is very simple and lacks diversity; and without diversity, where's the replay value?

Speaking of replay value, do you plan on putting the GJ achievements into this game? I feel that achievements may be just the right touch to get a third play out of me. :)
Mabi Games Game's Developer
Mabi Games 5 years ago
Absolutely, we plan on adding the GJ achievement :) But it is in closed beta right now. We made it random because there are not enough levels yet (and we don't plan on adding more since we are busy with other games). However, about the copter things. What most people don't understand is that the director obligates you to be in the middle of the action (since he wants to make the best movie possible). Where would be the fun if everything would fall on you? Right now, it is much more fun to try to zigzag through the hundred on zombie trying to get a crate of ammo or health then moving back and sniping 40 zombies :). Otherwise, it would be too much easy :(.

Thanks for the comments thought. Me and my partner are pretty satisfied of how the game has been designed. We understand it does not fit a large market however, for those who enjoy hardcore shooter, they will enjoy this one :). Try getting the rocket launcher and staying in the copter's shadow. Time you shot and you should be good to do about 30k ;).
MabiGames 5 years ago
Indeed the point of the game is the risk/reward involved in following the copter. The scenario was there to support the gameplay, not the other way around. We just wanted to make it difficult to get the camera bonus score and we designed the game around this feature.

Thanks for feedback!

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Developer: Mabi Games
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