The Slaying Of Sandy Hook Elementary

By PiGPEN - Added On 11/30/2013

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Based on the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, perpetrated by Adam Lanza.

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I feel like such a bad person for playing this game, and actually TRYING to kill the children.
Games make me do horrible things.
Talonzap 4 months ago
i accidentally shot children :[
jamilaine3 7 months ago
I want to say i love it but its not right to say :_O
Scythegeist 8 months ago
Very controversal game. But that doesn't mean that the game is shitty. The game is actually very well crafted. And all those who say its shitty because of the VERY STRONG OFFENSIVE THEME, must admit that the game is very WELL MADE. This is not in defense of the game, but seriously it's ART, and the dev has just made the game nothing more (he is not the bad guy, for he just did ART), and of course that the game let us feel unwell just shows once again that the media VIDEOGAME is more adult, than we sometimes want it to be. YES IT COULD BE MISSINTERPRETED by some people, and YES it can FEEL US VERY UNWELL to play the Violator itself, and YES IN THE USA there is a lousy WEAPON-LAW (or how its called?), and YES the game makes a STATEMENT about those deficits of the AMERICAN DREAM, and also about the Weapon Lobbys, so i find the game very MATURE (not because of the Violence itself), but from the controversal theme to deal with in a media like a Videogame, for instance if we all just kill CASTRO in COD:black Ops, the ins okay, because we are going to kill a baddie (yes, i find it a bit gross, from COD, to involve the still living CASTRO into a game (made in 2010!), and for trying to kill him (no just a double), but if we are going to kill innocents (COD: MW2), Airport mission anybody, then the VIRTUAL WORLD GOES UNDER, but as said if we kill the baddies in the name of the USA, the it's okay, and if OBAMA kills a 16 year old "PERHAPS-HEs-GOING-TO-BE-A-TERRORIST" innocent young faithful kid, (for more information watch the moive DIRTY WARS (Rick Rowley, 2013)) then it's also okay, cause like i said he could be a terrorist, but if we are the VIOLATOR, then VIDEOGAMES are still SO BAD, BAD, BAD, and we should make MARTIAL LAW on Killer-Games, but all COD, Battlefield, etc that's okay for all those gamers, and hey, its' JUST A VIDEOGAME, and it's not REALITY, but i also can understand the people that found the game GROSS, AND SOME KIND OF PERVERSE, but it's never fair to say that thee game is shitty because of that, and NO I FIND IT VERY SAD FOR THAT TRAGEDY THAT HAPPEND AND DON'T TOLERATE VIOLENCE AT ALL, but it's just a game, that is very well crafted, has good gameplay, very very WELL MADE ASTHETICS (very arty, how i find), and most important ITS JUST A GAME, so anybody who gets so strong upset, just remember, this guy is not the baddie, for being creative, its the GOVERNMENT that are the baddies, for those are making those SHITTY LAWS in the US of A, and the crooks are sitting in the PENTAGON and WHITE HOUSE, and if a land with such high Amok-Rates like the US of A has, is not capable of doing something against it, then we see how big THE PROBLEMS IN THE US of A actually are, and that the people still need much more of an intellect, that just to point out the finger on a single dev, GUYS START THE REVOLUTION TODAY IN THE US OF A, if you're really want to change something in that so called LAND OF THE FREE, better LAND OF THE FEE, so start growing MATURE and accept ART as ART, and fight the REAL TREAT, for there are no Uzis made in HARLEM !!!!!!!!! And we devs are not the one being guilty. But if we wanna change something, then BAN ALL WEAPONS; FOR THERE IS NO NEED FOR THEM, AN EYE FOR AN EYE MAKES ONLY THE WORLD BEING BLIND. And what we need right now, are people with eyes wide open.
D4rkZ3r0 9 months ago
The slow walking at first is fine, but once you get to the school it should be sped up.
Catsooo 9 months ago
Graphics are really good but that game is for psycho ...
BadHairDay 11 months ago
The gameplay is kinda bad, I like the graphic style though. But in the game I just feel like I'm pressing "play" rather than being the protagonist of the whole thing. It kind of failed for me in that part, it's hardly more interactive than a video.
kristencrosby16 11 months ago
knee jerk reactions (like looking at the summary or jut playing a little of the game and deciding you understand it) aside, i think it`s a pretty good idea. just as columbine massacre rpg and vtech rampage were good ideas. violence is terribly unrealistic and romanticised in the media. this kind of game doesn`t pull any punches and puts you directly in the shoes of the violator. it brings a kind of realism to the event that just reading about it, or haring about it can not provide. i would have wanted more realism than it has, actually. violence, especially of that kind where you are deliberately killing multiple people, is not easy and is not pleasant. you have to have a certain kind of mind set and an ability to remove yourself from the reality of the situation.

it has nothing to do with respecting or disrespecting the victims. this isn`t about their memory. it`s about the frank reality of the event. and the addition of the other modes was to give some idea of how thing would have been different in another situation, like not using a gun or the school staff being armed. and if you pay attention to the game, and its message, you`ll see that this is actually a thought experiment about the role of guns and violence in our society.

and if you really want to have a valid, well thought out, and relevant opinion about it, you will do more than just read the summary or play a few minutes. you`ll look at the credits and info (where the game maker describes his purpose for making this game - always useful for forming a valid opinion) and you will play it through to the end to see what it was really about. at which point you`d find that there are other modes to the game that represent alternatives to the original event scenario. also useful for forming a valid opinion...
WolfS1ayer 11 months ago
so you're saying that if say a game was made about taking over and flying a plane into the twin towers, or maybe planting a bomb at a marathon, but there's still a message in that game, then you wouldn't have a problem with it? and maybe, you could add different modes for taking over the plane or placing the bomb, you know, show how it could have ended differently. does that sound like a "thought experiment" about terrorism? oh and don't worry, i did read why this developer made this game, and it's the crappiest reason ever. "if something were done about the gun laws in the US, there may not have been a massacre for him to make a game about" about not making the game in the first place. Parents of the victims find this game disrespectful, that's enough reason this game shouldn't of even been made. What if one of your friend's were shot and killed, and then someone made a game about the murder killing your friend, how would you feel about that? Then the creator makes some reason for making the game like "if only there were gun laws", would that instantly make it okay? so don't start making comments about how this game is a "good experiment" about the role of guns, it's offensive.....
Secretspency 12 months ago
This... This...

It's just offensive!
WolfS1ayer 12 months ago
I think this game is just plain offensive. Seriously, who thinks this is a good idea? Do you have no respect for the 26 innocent people who died and their families they belonged to that day? Those people, teachers and children alike, who were shot, and you make a game about killing them. I don't care if you have some "message" about gun laws in this game, this just isn't right. Sure, showing or making something about a tragic event to get your point across, but making a game about shooting innocent children just isn't cool. This is just sick, insulting and offensive.

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