The Meaning of Life and Death

By coobie - Added On 8/2/2011

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Well, this was originally a game built for the Game Maker Community's Summer Jam. It tied for 22nd (out of 52), but it has since had bugs removed and has been expanded...

Update v1.3 9-10-2011: Added a variable difficulty "Easy", "Normal" (the default), "Hard", and "LOL". As such, all of the patterns have changed to fit. Altered the pattern for "Encroachment of Chaos' Will". Changed the hitboxes to make them smaller. Changed Maynii's hitbox to be differently colored. Eisiol will now move around during some patterns. Removed the light/dark shading from "Finding Balance in Light and Darkness". Added and changed effects in the ending, also reducing the volume. Changed the name of "Fields of a Silent Dream" to "Waves of a Silent Dream". Maynii's bullets are more damaging on Easy, and progressively less as the difficulty is higher. Added a menu to the title screen. Added a custom icon.

Update v1.2 8-23-2011: Added two new patterns "Fields of a Silent Dream" and "Encroachment of Chaos' Will". Eliminated the redundant quality levels, making one level (1024x768, max particles, 32kb/s music). Added company information and the information log. Changed the beams to all be far more visible. Added a pseudo-scanline effect. Changed "Finding Balance in Light and Darkness", "Memoirs of an Ascended Human", "Innocent Fall and Folly", "Loneliness in Inner Peace", and "Ripples of Humanity on the World". Changed some hitboxes. Added a visible hitbox when using slow movement. The player's beams now focus when using slow movement. Updated screenshots. Added custom loading image.

Update v1.1 8-9-2011: Changed the healthbar on the HUD to be more user-friendly. Fixed all glitches. Made High Quality (1024x768, max particles, 128kb/s music), Medium Quality (800x600, medium particles, 64kb/s music), and Low Quality (640x480, less particles, 32kb/s music) versions. The original version is still up for download, of course. Changed the color of the reflecting beams to be more visible. Changed the card sprite and the gradient backgrounds to be higher quality. Changed "Finding Balance in Light and Darkness" and "Entrapment of Guilt and Decision" to be easier on the player and the computer. Changed "The Sentience of the False Creations" to be much harder and less random. Changed "Memoirs of an Ascended Human" to remove all glitches. Updated screenshots.

v1.0: Original Competition Entry

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marioxl91 1 year ago
neanche il 3 livello
Darkwalker247 1 year ago
Lots of inspiration from Touhou, I see.
Ace Poison
Ace Poison 3 years ago
I undoubtedly hated everything about this game. 5/5 :D I liked the graphics, and it's actually pretty nice so far.

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Developer: coobie
Genre: Shooter
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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