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Brief Overview

Targets is a game in which the player has to shoot randomly spawning targets before they disappear. If a target disappears before the player shoots it, the player will lose a life. Lose all lives and it's game over!

How to play

In targets there are currently 2 gamemodes, Normal and Hardcore.

In normal you play through a series of levels which progressively get harder until you lose all lives in a level and at this point it's game over. After each round the player has access to a game shop which they can buy new sights, or updgrades. Your money and upgrades are saved when you play and can be reset in options from the main menu. 

In hardcore, you start with 5 lives and a maximum of 10 ammo, the objective of this gamemode is to survive as long as you can. The game gets harder as you survive longer. Upgrades from the shop can't be used, but sights can.


Mouse - Aim

Clicking - Shooting/Selection

R/Space - Reloading

P - Pause

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Aironenero Technologies
On java? oh, cool! Go straigt, go fast and release a good game!
Smooth 1 year ago
Fun Game, I thought the shop screen was nicely done, could have more upgrades though?
MindBurnGames Game's Developer
MindBurnGames 1 year ago
Thanks for playing! The game is still under development,but I thought I'd release it now, I'm currently working on more upgrades and improving the graphics.

Game Info

Developer: MindBurnGames
Genre: Shooter
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: Java
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