Sword of August: Road to Independence

By stellar-Ø - Added On 6/27/2012

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WSAD / Arrow : Move
Z / O : Shoot
F : Form Rotate
V : Evolution
1,2,3,4 : Use CARDs
Space : Special / Freiheit

P : Pause

Pilot SWORD Unit as Rico Lyfer and help him regain total independence. Experience 6 different Forms and Special Maneuvers, 6 Upgradeable Cores, and 10 Supportive Cards through the challenging missions! 

Features: 3 Base form + 3 Evolved form 3 Special + 3 Freiheit module 10 consumable supportive CARDs  5 challenging Missions, each with Mini-boss and Boss unit CARD Shop & Gear mods RPG styled dialogue Stylish and quality Graphics and Audio  Complete and detailed technical tutorials Costume dress-up

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JonDM 1 year ago
Nice shooter! Needs a bit more smooth movement and revision the sound effects

Game Info

Developer: stellar-Ø
Genre: Shooter
Status: Complete
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