Silent Dawn

By Heretic Studios - Added On 9/20/2011

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Silent Dawn is a top down shooter game which plays the character of a survivor, waiting for a month for help to arrive whilst defending his barricade. As the days progress you collect more money from the zombies you kill per each day. You can then spend that money on unlocking weapons, items and additional survivors to aid you.

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Shank MacShiv
Shank MacShiv 3 years ago
Why do people keep making these games? This one in particular would be so much better as a standard zombie survival game with buildings to advance through: it looks great and has slick controls, and the flashlight effect could lead to some really good scares, if it took place on a map where monsters can approach from any direction.

Game Info

Developer: Heretic Studios
Genre: Shooter
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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Intense Realistic Violence
Blood and Gore

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