Save The Villagers 3

By grumpymonkey - Added On 10/4/2009

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This game was canceled by the developer, so the current version might be buggy or incomplete. You can Follow this game to be notified if there are any updates.

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Save The Villagers 3 is a fast-paced first person shooter with smooth animations and tons of features including:

 - PS3 sixaxis controller compatability

 - Aiming down sight (like in call of duty)

 - Fake 3D ball physics for grenade

 - A.I. that interact with each other

 And lots more!

This was a game that I never got to complete because..I was too lazy, hopefully someone else will make better use out of this engine. Its pretty interesting when you play with the PS3 controller, you can see why console games are usually more addicting than PC games. :P


I only tested the PS3 controller on Windows XP, NOT vista, so it might only work on XP

please credit Alejandro Ramallo if possible, thanks :)

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Samuel Venable
Samuel Venable 1 year ago

I like this better than goblet grotto you should be praised for your work it's way better than the calamities' shit. (Specifically goblet grotto because that game is so fucking stupid I don't even know what to do or what the hell I'm looking when I play that)

Omega Squid Studios

If I ever get around to making a 3D game, I would use this great base to build off of. Thank you for sharing this!

Account Closed
Account Closed 5 years ago

Sorry ... It is 3D... I posted the comment on the wrong game...

Spectre Studios
Spectre Studios 5 years ago

Graphics are just meh, and gameplay isn't fantastic, but it is quite an achievement (3d game with gamemaker) and for that, I commend you.

Account Closed
Account Closed 5 years ago

Omg, downrating is FORBIDDEN. It isn't 3D... The graphics are WOW! Gameplay 3/5 Overall 4/5.

I wanna see YOU, making this. NUB.

YellowAfterlife 5 years ago

Good one! Includes the nice gameplay feeling, but graphics could be better.


Game Info

Developer: grumpymonkey
Genre: Shooter
Status: Cancelled
Engine/Language: Game Maker


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