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Project One

By Maus - Added On 5/1/2013

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Version: 0.8.8 (2013-07-29)

The game was frozen for nearly a year and is now again under development.
Currently important code parts are migrated to the new engine, this may take some time.
Recent screenshots can be found here:


Take your ship and start to fight!

A massive energy blast of unknown origin tore the structure of the universe apart, released a powerful darkness and corrupted everyone and everything. Now the remaining beings fight each other, attracted by this mysterious force, to acquire it or to get consumed by it - and you are one of them.

Project One is a vertically scrolling boss-only shoot'em up with colorful and distinct graphics.

The game was still under development and is focused on unique and challenging boss-fights with different mechanics and patterns. Every boss provides a new experience for the player and forces him to the limits of his skills.

On your journey to the source of darkness you can unlock new weapons and upgrades, find companions, collect mysterious fragments and more. Try to get the best score as possible or play with a friend on the same computer and fight your way to the final boss.

  • unique boss fights with different mechanics and challenges
  • intense battles with hundreds of bullets and devastating attacks
  • classic run for each area with enemy groups and altered game rules*
  • local coop mode to play together or alone with two ships
  • casual mode for inexperienced players*
  • playable with mouse and keyboard, only keyboard or gamepad/joystick

* may change


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DirtyD605 3 months ago
how can i download this game?
Maus Game's Developer
Maus 3 months ago
The game is currently not available and under redesign, I'm working hard to bring it back into a decent and playable state.
You can find more info at the top of the game description - simply follow the game if you want to get a notification when it's available again.
Daye Williams
Daye Williams 4 months ago
I have a fetish for Bullet Hell Shoot'em that weird to say. Seriously tho, awesome game dude, reminds me of the good old Sega Saturn times
iRhymeWithRawr 1 year ago
Pretty cool, but I have insane lag playing full-screen, even on a low graphical setting.

Pretty odd, seeing I have a reasonably high-end graphics card and 4GB of ram.
(It ran bioshock infinite just fine on medium.)
Maus Game's Developer
Maus 1 year ago
Strange, maybe a problem with the new SDL library. Try to use "borderless" window mode, it looks the same as fullscreen.
Retsamuga 1 year ago
very intense game, and very professional and polished. The movement of the background is a really well done feature
Maus Game's Developer
Maus 1 year ago
Thank you, tons of features are still missing, but I had no time this month to work on it.

And please don't be too shy to say if some parts of the game are sh*t, I won't bite and can bear negative or harsh feedback. :D
IndieRetroWolf 2 years ago
Reminds me of days playing Ikaruga on the gamecube. Looking good!
Maus Game's Developer
Maus 2 years ago
Wow, thank you for the comparison, though I will never reach the level of such a great game like Ikaruga. :)
baro93 2 years ago
Hi I played your game. Your game is so professional all the settings stuff and the graphics are very good. So far i have only completed level 1. It seems like it use too much cpu power (the fan of my pc make a lot of noisy while playing) But run smoothly :) . I like how the enemy move around, it looks intelligent. I'm a huge spaceship shooter fan, I will be waiting for the final version.

Also the game crashed one time when i pressed a key to open the browser, maybe because i use windows 8.
Maus Game's Developer
Maus 2 years ago
Hey, thank you and sorry for the late response.

The game still needs some optimization, it currently consumes too much graphics resources. I hope I can improve this in the next few versions.
The crash on Windows 8 comes maybe from the SDL library, but that's something I cannot fix.

I'm also waiting for the next version of your game, looks promising. :)
- Martin
baro93 2 years ago
This game looks cool I will try it tomorrow and give you my feedback, I hope you play mine.
Maus Game's Developer
Maus 2 years ago
Of course I will. :)
KniteBlargh 2 years ago
I'm not going to rate this since it isn't finished, but I will say after getting the chance to play a bit, I'm very impressed so far and would recommend it to others.
Though my PC won't run this smoothly with all the souped up features (My graphics card is really lame.), I found the visuals refreshingly different from the usual in the genre, and also uplifting in mood.
As far as gameplay and mechanics, I really liked the fact that I had to collect the dark bullets to earn bombs (Am I right?), which made me more determined to avoid all the wrong things and go for the good, and another nice touch is how the bullets actually push you away when they collide.
Looking forward to the multiplayer co-op option, as I can see this being very fun with friends.
One minor issue I noticed was that for some reason when I went to fullscreen, the level selection map no longer appeared; the circular indicators and lines were still there, but the actual terrain in the background of the map wasn't there anymore, so it was black instead.
Anyway, I'll be playing this more, and keep up the good work polishing this gem; definitely look in to implementing the Game Jolt API at some point.
Maus Game's Developer
Maus 2 years ago
Thank you for your review!

The bomb-energy is increased simply by doing damage, I'm still thinking about other ways till I'm implementing the second bomb type later. The dark bullets increase your score modifier and enable the darkmode (increased firerate, reduced collision range, you want this) when you reach x10.0 (getting damage halves the modifier, if you drop under x5.0 the darkness fades). I'm not quiet sure how to implement some sort of introduction to new players, because I want to avoid tutorials at all, so I hope I can make it more obvious on the next update.

That "push" you mentioned was not from the bullets, maybe from the third boss, when you move too near to him (it's a bugfix, because of the boss-mechanics), but you gave me an idea ... :-)

The problem with the world map is new, I fixed a bug on the last update, but maybe I implemented a new one... it would help me a lot, if you PM me your video card name/type.

Hope I can improve the gameplay, increase the performance, and of course implement the Game Jolt API for the next time.

Thank you again for your feedback, it was a big help for me.
- Martin

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Developer: Maus
Genre: Shooter
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: C/C++
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