IG Maker test 002

By Nekomura Games - Added On 12/4/2010

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Please don't rate this! It's just a tech test of IG Maker's Flash export function that is used for an upcoming tutorial which can be viewed here:

http://gamejolt.com/online/games/other/ig-maker-tutorial-gadget-pain-part-1/4056/ (part1)
http://gamejolt.com/dashboard/developer/games/swf/4157/ (part2)

Currently there's only one robot and two screens in the demo. Cursor keys to move, X to shoot. Shoot the robot a few times and it will explode.

If you want to know more about it, please visit Nekomura Games forum (click on the game's website to go there - the link is near the top, under the game's name). Graphics by Flipz.

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Developer: Nekomura Games
Genre: Shooter
Status: In Development
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