Hell Zombies

By Housam - Added On 10/25/2014

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Iam a fan of zombies and I really wanted to make my own zombie game.you must kill zombies,earn points.You must find the power switch and turn it on to be able to buy perks and get to the pack a punch.I will make more maps soon 

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Housam Game's Developer
Housam 1 month ago
I will make a much better sequal to this after I finish high school in summer 2015
Salem 2 months ago
lol bshar alasd hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Nice Game
Salem 2 months ago
lol bshar alasd hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Nice Game
Housam Game's Developer
Housam 2 months ago
motercrozz 3 months ago
The zombies don't make any sound when they're moving, I can nevere tell when they're close to me.They don't have any attack sounds, so the only indicator I have is the red warning that I'm being attacked. It's not really the most noticable thing, but even when I notice it I'm still confused a bit from where they're attacking me.
These zombies are REALLY fucking fast, once you're caught in a corner, there's barely anything you can do, if you don't have the right weapon.
Also the weapon trading system is retarded. You get points for killing zombies. You can spend them on other weapons which you find throughout the level. However you also LOSE the weapon you already had. WHY? Also in order to advance, you must pay even more points to bypass barriers/bolders. The prices keep on rising for no parcticular reason as you move on. Once you run out of ammo, well, good luck. There's nothing you can do, except using the melee attack, which does jack shit most of the time.
There's a WAVE system in the game. Everytime a new wave of zombies starts, you'll become deaf because the audio for the song(that signalises the start of a new wave) is too damn HIGH!
There are some switches in the game, which purpose is of yet is unknown to me. They do NOTHING!
Did I mention that you cannot reload untill you've emptied your entire clip?!
The draw distance is terrible too.
Ah, yeah, there're also some perks in the game(WHICH ALSO COST POINTS). Don't ever use them.

How to fix it:
Lower the volume for the beginning of a new wave.
Add footstep sounds for character and for the zombies.
Reload before emptying your clip.
Make things matter. The switches serve no purpose, either remove them or make them something worthwhile.
Make a shop or some shit in which you can sell and buy weapons and ammo.
Make it so to KEEP your old weapons when you got a new one.
Make the melee combat NOT SUCK. I mean, add a damage indicator or something. Half the time I can't even tell if I'm hitting the zombies.
When a wave is finished open the barrier so that the player character can go through and figh the next one. NOT this bullshit buy freedom system or whatever the fuck it is.
Perks should be optional. You should pick them before the game starts and they shouldn't cost points!
Heil 4 months ago
keeps crashing
Jerry L. Tate III
Jerry L. Tate III 4 months ago
Very simple and very neat. I may end up playing this from time to time.
Housam Game's Developer
Housam 4 months ago
there might be some texture problems, sorry
Housam Game's Developer
Housam 4 months ago
can someone please tell me how can I update the game? because I want to get some glitches fixed. when I play this game on my pc the texture glitch doesn't show up but on other pc it does.
what system are you running 32 bit or 64 bit because if you are running a 32 bit and ppl with a 64 bite system will have texture problems Idk Y gamemaker just duse that.
bennutt7 5 months ago
I wish i could edit it
1_e39719 5 months ago
go to hell

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Developer: Housam
Genre: Shooter
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: Game Maker


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