Ghost Planetoid from Outer Space

By jfroco - Added On 3/13/2010

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This was our entry for the Kokoromi collective's Gamma IV contest in January 2010. The most important rule was that the game must be played using just one button

Ghost Planetoid from Outer space is an arcade third person shooter  over a 3D world. You can move freely over the planetoid avoiding obstacles and fighting against the ghost alien race... using just one button for moving and firing.

Help Commander Araya to hunt as many Alien Queens and soldiers as he can in 3 minutes, moving throughout the surface of the Ghost Planetoid from Outer Space. Avoid or shoot ghost aliens or you will lose vital energy.  See your radar to fast locate the Alien Queen.

You can play with the A button of a Xbox 360 controller (Wireless or USB connection) or with the space key if you don't have a control.

Game resolution is fixed at 1024x768 - fullscreen (as per contest rules).

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mrTacho 5 years ago
Completamente adictivo mis felicitaciones al equipo de desarrollo.

Game Info

Developer: jfroco
Genre: Shooter
Status: Complete
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Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence

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