Ganymede Invasion for Doom 2

By Ice Spark Interactive - Added On 3/17/2010

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This is a beta PWAD for Doom II, named Ganymede Invasion.

It's about the invasion of Ganymede (obviously) and takes place at the same time as Thy Flesh Consumed on Ultimate Doom. Hell have decided to strike the UAC in more places than one, so they attacked the base on Jupiter's moon. Obviously, this has caused problems but there are a few marines that survived the invasion and are in contact with one another.

This is Free Software - as in free speech, and also free beer. It''s classed as free, no matter how much Doom II itself costs, because of Freedoom, a free alternative.

The WAD for Freedoom is provided in the ZIP. You'll need ZDoom for this as well - get it at

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speed9044 3 months ago

Keeps telling me "Windows could not open this file" "The compressed folder is invalid."

epoch games
epoch games 5 years ago

seriously... its called a readme for a reason

though i dont see why you couldnt have included 'zdoom'

Ice Spark Interactive Game's Developer

I can't find any kind of license anywhere. I would include ZDoom, but I don't know if I can.

I'll go and check it out, though.

Former 5 years ago

how do i play this.

i downloaded it buy all i get are a bunch of .wad files

Ice Spark Interactive Game's Developer



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