Dead End

By SKiDPL - Added On 2/4/2011

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Dead End. That is the name of the game that Im working on right now. It's a 2D game, bird eye view (see everything from the top), zombie shooter. Yes! I know what you think lets send these zombies back from where they came from! You will have chance to do that, in special modes that will come out with the game such as: -Survive (Survive hordes of zombies that are attacking you one after another)
-Defend Safe Zone (Hold the point, don't let this damn zombie get here)
-Resque (Find other surivals and bring them back to resque point) However the main focus will be on the story mode, have you ever played Resident Evil before? Then you have to play this game, the graphic like I said before are 2D and not as beautiful but the story keeps up for it ;). I guess its time to tell a bit more about the story... You play a police man, called John (A BIT OF BACK STORY: He had an accident in which his wife died. She was shoot by a criminal that he was after. After that he was not the same person and he was unable to do anything other than paper work). He tried to escape the Lahson (the city that everything takes place in) however his escape routes were blocked off or too dangerous to go through and come out alive. He made his way to Police Station, where he could find some help and weapons. Guns and ammunition were gone but he meet one police officer. He was attacked by zombies... Luckily he managed to escape but he was bit by one of them. He was too scared of death and he beaged John to spear his life. Then he stayed on the roof-top of the police station, while John was making his way out from the infected... On his way out he found a letter about surivals that are not infected. Now he is planning to find out where did the virus came from and is there a way to stop it and everything seems that only one person can answer these questions and he is one of the surivals.

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chazlack 2 years ago

is it good??

DillweedLtd 2 years ago

Lets put it this way, I wouldnt touch this shitstain with a rotten dickcloth. Its a mediocre top down shooter with some unique pixel graphics, but the fact that i just spent ten minutes trying to inch my mouse over to the task manager to close this piece of ass game, its pretty shitty


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Developer: SKiDPL
Genre: Shooter
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Mild Language

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