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BattleCraft is a multiplayer top down shooter. In order to win, your team must capture the enemy flag while preventing the opposing team from capturing yours.

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Richhunter14 1 year ago
Where do u go to download it?
MonsterBlackHole 3 years ago
This game is pretty nice! I got problem of the flags. :(
Anyways, awesome work!
João D. Costa
João D. Costa 3 years ago
The game is pretty and fun, but seems unfinished.
For some reason I couldn't pick up the flag (I tried both flags in both teams). Also, the chat text limit should be at least doubled ("can any1 pick up the flag?" already passes the current limit).
It would be also nice to have a menu where the player could change his nickname (and maybe choose his team)
Silverleaf Games Game's Developer
Silverleaf Games 3 years ago
Thank you for your comments João. The game is indeed under development in order to optimize network efficiency and i'm still adding features as people request them. The major flaw in the game right now is the one you mentioned about not being able to pick up the flags. I'm currently looking into it but it's taking some time, since it seems to occur only in specific conditions. Thanks for bringing the text limit to my attention, on the next release it's going to allow up to 200 characters per line.
Choosing your nickname is something i mean to implement in the near future, but not in the next release or so.
More people have also asked me to be able to choose the team, but i have to give it more tought in how i can do that and still keep the game balanced, at the moment the server always places you in the team with less players.
JJ games
JJ games 3 years ago
i would like to download it.
JJ games
JJ games 3 years ago

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Developer: Silverleaf Games
Genre: Shooter
Status: Complete
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