Abbadon 1

By gsgfsdgfs - Added On 2/18/2011

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Abbadon 1 is a comic book-style survival shooter. The game takes place in the future, on a distant planet known as Abbadon 1. The player controls the last human alive on this planet, trying to survive against the mysterious and horrific monsters that killed everyone else on the planet.   Fight for survival on 3 different maps of various difficulties, and place your scores online to compete against others.

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gsgfsdgfs Game's Developer
gsgfsdgfs 4 years ago
ugh, spam?
gsgfsdgfs Game's Developer
gsgfsdgfs 4 years ago
What computer are you using? I have never had anyone run into these problems before and just checked myself and found nothing. I'm on a laptop... What computer are you using?
velociraptor 4 years ago
action number 1
of Draw Event
for object obj_controller:

Trying to use non-existing surface."

I pressed escape mid game to check the instructions and then went back and hit play and this is what happened.
velociraptor 4 years ago
SEAN DUGAN U R AN ULTIMATE GAMES MASTER GENIUUS I WANNA HAV UR PORIDGY BABIES CUZ THEY R ALSO GUNNA BE GENYOOSES ALSO AS WELL YES. THOS PORIDGY KIDDOS. <3<3<3<3 dis game wus sooper kewl and i like it so much they are my favorite all your cools belong to us which is me and yor babies to HAHA!

Seriously, it was actually super glitchy and I lost patience, I gotta say. Maybe it's just my computer? But I would randomly shoot when the monsters made noises, and it was really dark. I couldn't tell what anything was, pretty much, such as the 'ammo' packs. I couldn't pick them up. I was pressing x, I promise. Maybe if I play again, I'll figure this stuff out.

Game Info

Developer: gsgfsdgfs
Genre: Shooter
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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Intense Fantasy Violence
Realistic Bloodshed
Comical Shenanigans

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