A Tiny Sin

By True Valhalla - Added On 5/1/2011

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A Tiny Sin is an experimental story-driven arcade shooter made in 48 hour hours for a competition. The story is the core of this game, but it's a bit abstract.


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toobadforyou 2 years ago
I absolutely love this game, but I was wondering if there is a way to make it full-screen?
True Valhalla Game's Developer
True Valhalla 2 years ago
Thanks! This is a really old game of mine, but if anything it might be F4 for fullscreen.
Blue Shield Studios
This is a cool game, the story-driven aspect of it is awesome.
True Valhalla Game's Developer
True Valhalla 3 years ago
Thanks for playing and rating! =)
Grusty 4 years ago
Very lovely game, and captivating story (even for a small one).

Few things:

The text fade was painfully slow.
The third weapon was useless to me, slow rate of fire and no huge visible difference to the second one, so I stuck with that one.
It was really easy to not die, I can just go away from the enemies and wait to recharge.
It felt kind of emptyish without music and/or sound, even just a small melody can make all the difference.

And now, AWESOME, the graphics and effects are amazing, I found no bugs and enjoyed my play through all of it, it was short but exciting.
I think this is great for the allotted time: 5/5
True Valhalla Game's Developer
True Valhalla 4 years ago
Thanks so much :D

I expect slow text will be a common complaint though I did want the game to be slow on purpose =)

The 3rd weapon is very useful on that final map - It probably isn't explained (at all) but it paralyzes the enemy stopping them from shooting.

I will be sure to add some music and SFX once I get some sleep (post-compo). I'm thinking simple ambient and some softeffects.

Glad you liked graphics! And I'm very glad you enjoyed the game =)

Thanks for playing, rating and commenting!!

Game Info

Developer: True Valhalla
Genre: Shooter
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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Mild Fantasy Violence

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