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ShiChiya Supreme

By Akumai - Added On 3/18/2014


ShiChiya Ultimate , Markiplier, and the game's future

By Akumai on 3/21/2014

Well guys, ShiChiya was a bigger success then I had previously imagined, so it really makes me excited that a game, my first attempt at an RPG Maker Horror game came out this well recieved xD. I would also like to say the main reason this game even exists is because of the youtuber known as Markiplier. I am a fan of his videos, and after seeing his plauythroughs of the amazing horror games like Mad Father and The Witches House, I wanted to make one myself. Now that ShiChiya is at its Ultimate level, I feel like now ShiChiya has been truly completed. I also really hope this game gets to markiplier somehow, which it might. And I will try to say this as softly as I can hoping not to spoil anything, but there will be a prequel, and a Sequel to ShiChiya Ultimate. I will explain the prequel and sequal once I see all the youtubers who are currently playing ShiChiya, have finished their playthroughs, so until then guys, have fun, and check out ShiChiya Ultimate sometime, its really scary and fun xD

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razorhog444 1 year ago
Wow! I am just now about to edit my video for your game. But I had to stop by and say how much fun this game really is to me. Keep up the good work!

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