Will You Ever Return?

Will You Ever Return?

By Jack Spinoza - Added On 10/29/2012

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He was a good straight boy to begin with, but there was bad blood in him. Somehow, somewhere he got into the dark deeds that lead straight to Devil's work, just like marijuana leads to heroin; you think you can take them dark deeds and leave 'em, do you? Just save a few for your bad days? Well, now, we all have those bad days when you can't think for shit. 
As the world left him behind and he fell to Inferno he heard some sobs "Will you ever return? Will you ever return?" from his good girl. He was moving in a series of convulsive spasms, like someone with an epileptic fit, his face distorted and his eyes wild like a lassoed horse bracing his legs. But something kept pulling him on. And now he's picking up the skulls and making the circle in Inferno so that he might revisit Jenny on that holiest of nights Halloween. 
Virgil is there to guide him and introduce him to the three-ring-circus of characters. Satan has a good word for you, the Baxter Twins give a smile, The Rivers of Blood and the memory of her. 

My daddy used to always sing me a song when I was going to sleep:

 "Life is short,

  Life is shit

   And soon it will be over.


  Not a man

    Alive today

     That isn't going to hell."


He had a truly horrible singing voice and always started crying at the word "is".

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Indie Statik

Indie Statik Impression

Posted By Chris Priestman 12/11/2012

After being treated to the highs of mild internet fame, developer Jack King Spooner decided to work on a second part to Will You Ever Return? If you didn’t play the first part, then it’s definitely due time that you did. I’d tell you what you should expect, but that would both ruin it and be quite difficult. At its most raw it’s a love story. The first part that is, this new instalment, aka Part 2, is a little more contrite in its story. You can play both parts separately should you wish as they follow a different character and narrative, but they do intertwine at moments – nothing too dramatic, though. Well, actually, I guess you could call cold murder fairly dramatic.

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HordeOfSilence 6 months ago
A very solid game, although short, gave me a few laughs and made me think a little.

All in all, it was definitely worth the 15 minutes it took to finish, although it did leave kind of a cliffhanger.

OliverRoxe 6 months ago
Man everything on this game connects so well, the bad graphics with a bad sound, make the game be as my girlfriend said; ''satanic and cool''.

And i love the jokes inside story all just perfect, I going to recommend to my friends
CrazyRiverOtter 8 months ago
This is a game I think.

Interesting depiction of hell, though.
thomas 8 months ago
This game was so random I almost burst into flames. Literally. Yeah dude the graphics in this game were horrible but I feel as if you were actually going for that. With the graphics, music, randomness, and storyline I rate it a 4.
jesusenriquez188 8 months ago
i love it
3idolon 9 months ago
Nothing more to say, 5/5.
3idolon 9 months ago
Nothing more to say, 5/5.
KrylonKraken 9 months ago
This game is just full of WTF, but still enjoyable.
Mantas 10 months ago
Lies! This can't be made with Rpg Maker....
Dylan 9 months ago
If you think about it yes it can be, I hate RPG Maker though its stupid! Lol
Frograt 10 months ago
This game blew my mind! An absolutely hilarious, disturbing, eye frazzling, soul bending journey to say the least. From watching the trailer I had no idea what I was getting myself into, and after completing it, I feel as if I came out a changed man XD Loved it, so random! Great work Jack

Here is my let's play http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ybYWT49cZE&feature=c4-overview&list=UUo3yVWpwaA2EmDX2PBRGmUw
Jack Spinoza Game's Developer
Jack Spinoza 10 months ago
cheers man, nice video.

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Engine/Language: RPG Maker VX
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