Will You Ever Return?

Will You Ever Return?

By Jack Spinoza - Added On 10/29/2012

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He was a good straight boy to begin with, but there was bad blood in him. Somehow, somewhere he got into the dark deeds that lead straight to Devil's work, just like marijuana leads to heroin; you think you can take them dark deeds and leave 'em, do you? Just save a few for your bad days? Well, now, we all have those bad days when you can't think for shit. 
As the world left him behind and he fell to Inferno he heard some sobs "Will you ever return? Will you ever return?" from his good girl. He was moving in a series of convulsive spasms, like someone with an epileptic fit, his face distorted and his eyes wild like a lassoed horse bracing his legs. But something kept pulling him on. And now he's picking up the skulls and making the circle in Inferno so that he might revisit Jenny on that holiest of nights Halloween. 
Virgil is there to guide him and introduce him to the three-ring-circus of characters. Satan has a good word for you, the Baxter Twins give a smile, The Rivers of Blood and the memory of her. 

My daddy used to always sing me a song when I was going to sleep:

 "Life is short,

  Life is shit

   And soon it will be over.


  Not a man

    Alive today

     That isn't going to hell."


He had a truly horrible singing voice and always started crying at the word "is".

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nuuup 4 months ago

i remember playing this a long time ago. i was freaked out at it, but i was laughing myself silly at the same time. a classic

asdffdsa 5 months ago

stopped playing at the screamer

$amim Noorzai TGC ★


Kayabros 7 months ago

Amazing game. Punk as hell, funny, and well made. Half an hour well spent.

Kokainum 10 months ago

10/10 Great to play while listening to Alice in Chains

Lee Sang
Lee Sang 11 months ago

You sir are crazy, your game is crazy, everything is crazy.

Hectorcortezz 11 months ago

this good :)

Ri3sgo 1 year ago

A nice game, but need to work the end. I really liked it, and had a nice time with friends laughin

Aster 1 year ago

this is a very good one, so simple and so deepth, i really like it. Hope i can find more games of this type sooo disturbing, a great work i give you 5/5

Dr. Stevzious
Dr. Stevzious 1 year ago

Holy shit this game's art was super rad. I thoroughly enjoyed it, although the game was relatively short and rather easy, it was very fun.


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Engine/Language: RPG Maker VX
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