Warrior Dee's RPG

By Lazer Kirby - Added On 6/14/2009

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An RPG made by Lazer Kirby and Waddle Kee

In Popstar, many, many, beings have threatened it. Now, Popstar is at peace... and it has been maintained for a hundred years. Until... another evil, Metamorphica, arose, and began possessing Dees to become his minions. Many villagers were frightened, and trade routes were abandoned. Now there was no way to communicate with the other villagers. 

     All hope seemed to be lost... until Five Heroes arose and were chosen for their courage, pure hearts, and fierceness to stop the evil from spreading the dark empire. Of course, some of the five didn't know that they were heroes, and the villagers didn't know this either. Later, one of the Five knew this and quickly set out to tell the other Five... 

     Doo, a friend of Warrior Dee's, is troubled because he saw peculiar Dees outside his house. He asks Dee if he could battle the Dees and drive them out. 

"Dee, could you help me drive out some of those strange dees?" 

"Well, Doo. I can only try." 

And high above Popstar, the spirits whispered, "The Five Have Come At Last..."

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Game Info

Developer: Lazer Kirby
Genre: RPG
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: RPG Maker 2000
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Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Drug Reference

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