Total Chaos

By Joseph Clyde - Added On 2/3/2009

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A terrorist group known as Society strives for world domination, and the only people who can stop them are......a dreamless high school graduate, a talking a dog, a soon-to-be washed up actress, a human virus, a reality show reject, and many other fighters with unusual occupations. Can these people put their differences aside in order to a reach a greater good? And what is with this "ultimate evil" that's predicted to arise? All of this and more in this dark, epic, modern-day comedic tale...


-15-20 hours of gameplay
-Control a cast of 11 diverse, unique characters with their own abilities and personalities
-Hours of plot twists/turns and character development
-A game that doesn't take itself seriously but still manages to make total and complete sense

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Game Info

Developer: Joseph Clyde
Genre: RPG
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: RPG Maker 2003


Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Alcohol Reference
Suggestive Themes
Moderate Language
Mature Humor

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