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SpellCrafter is a single player RPG, slightly similar to Diablo II
Explore dungeons, kill monsters, gain experience and level up, choose your attributes, buy and find items, create spells...
If you wish to save your player then you must play the game at the official website www.chaosreef.com/spellcrafter.php

if the applet does not load, you need to download the java runtime.
Download here: http://www.java.com/en/download/index.jsp

Left mouse button: Move
Right mouse button: Cast spell
1-9: Change spell
WSAD: Dodge
Spacebar: Drink health potion
Shift: Drink mana potion
Control: Melee attack
C: Character Menu
I: Inventory
M: Spells
B: Shop

Spells can be made at any time.
Each spell is made of effects(such as "ball","nova","spark").
Each effect must have atleast 1 element(such as "fire", "earth", "lightning")
Each spell must have atleast 1 effect
Spells cost mana to use, the more effects and elements they have, the more they cost, and the more damage they do.
The more mana a spell costs, the longer it takes to cast the spell again

Some spells to try out are:
[spray fire] [spray air] [spark lightning] [mine water]
[spark water] [spark air] [ball lightning] [nova poison]
Find the best combination and post it as a comment below!

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krial 2 years ago
Nice start, was pretty fun for a few minutes.

I did, however, get stuck in place randomly unable to move and thus I couldn't continue playing. Dungeon 5, I thought I was stuck on an enemy maybe who was right next to me, but after he died I was still unable to move.
MishMash 3 years ago
Nice Game! Although it could use some slight polishing :P! But at the moment it is pretty damn Cool! I have to say it didnt really keep me hooked for ages but it was definately worth a play :P!

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Developer: roland
Genre: RPG
Status: In Development
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Mild Cartoon Violence
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Animated Bloodshed

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