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By thecatamites - Added On 9/17/2010

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Phillip and the Leg Horse set off on a strange and deadly mission to find the legendary City Of Forms from which all things in the world are derived. On their travels they must overcome ghosts, criminals, hyponosis, lions, Draculas, cryptic letters, muscle hedonists, swamp knights, mysterious caves, blood ghouls, grotesque monsters, purple drank and more in order to discover the secret of Space Funeral.

A shortish RPG Maker 2003 game with original graphics, a soundtrack of creaky vintage electronica and obscure Japanese noiserock, and lots of blood.

Arrow keys walk, Z interacts, X opens menu, standalone download. Please play + give me crits thankyou!!

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Brofister-Bro 3 weeks ago
That was quite the experience (in a good way). The concept was very different than any other rpg I have played. I was a bit confused at the beginning but the story plays itself out by the end. Very well done.
anthonyduck71 3 months ago
Hey look! I made a video about this game. Hope you like it!
Faulst 4 months ago
This game was quite fun to play. It would be awesome if there was a sequel or a prequel telling how the world had became that way.
isaiahwright39982 3 months ago
Did you play the game to the end? If not then don't continue reading.


The final boss explained it all. The city (or castle or kingdom or something like that, forgot) of forms was perfect and everything else in the world was a mockery of it. Not mockery as in ridicule but essentially everything in the city of forms was already made perfectly and everything else was imperfect in comparison. Anyway, the world is kind of controlled by the city of forms and when Moon (the final boss) threw the city into chaos the rest of the world followed as the rest of the word is like a reflection the city. Sorry I know I suck at explaining things, tried my best :P.
BrokenH 4 months ago
I remember this! Reminded me of a more psychedelic and twisted Adventure Time. lol. Good to see it's gotten the credit it deserves!
Tom Strickland
Tom Strickland 4 months ago
Nice interaction with environment. Intuitive if one has any experience with adventure/rpgs. Fun music tracks. Creative comments by NPCs. Nice effect of traveling in a world by needing to rent a boat and so on. Useful comments by world actors guide toward the main quest(s).
briztimqwo 4 months ago
This was the game which completely hooked me on indie games 2 years ago and made me realize that most commercial games are the same crap as an Avatar movie. Space funeral is a different thing. It clearly shows that games can be a creative, personal, unusual art. You can do whatever you like or feel, don't care about modern graphic technologies, "what new generation of gamers like". Just f*ck all that and create your kind of thing. The DIY-spirit.

Also it made me sign up here :D
Tumetsu 5 months ago
This is one of the best freeware indie-games I know. So surreal, fun and inspiring.
Ploopyandproud 5 months ago
This might be the most amusing and simultaneously confounding game I've ever played.

Awestruck3 5 months ago
Had to give that a 5/5. For an indie RPG that was amazing, I hope you make more stuff in the future.
mfisk 6 months ago
Great stuff!

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Developer: thecatamites
Genre: RPG
Status: Complete


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