Rising Shadows

By Mageta - Added On 4/6/2010

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This is my game I worked on 2 years ago, I spent probably 100's of hours in development and eventually moved on. I am currently remaking this game with the same graphics (+new skill ones), same play style (game controls improved), similar monsters (better ai), and several new features: items, shops, equipment, many more skills, quick skill selecting, and an overall better screen size and resolution. The new 'Rising Shadows' is still similar enough that I would very much appreciate feed back, and you getting your friends to play also! -_^

This Version still has hours of playable content including:

32 Monsters (Not Including Bosses)

7 Bosses

4 Quests, (1 with 3 parts)

3 Magic Skills (2 upgradeable)

Several Secret Areas+Monsters

Color Coded Monster Names based on your level!

The New: Rising Shadows video teaser:

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Pipo Games
Pipo Games 5 years ago
Clasic and simple, but not bad. Is entertaining .
Mageta Game's Developer
Mageta 5 years ago
Thnx for trying it, I am working really hard on the new version so I appreciate the feedback -_^
Mageta Game's Developer
Mageta 5 years ago
I put a demo up of my new game engine if you would like to try it.
Ace Poison
Ace Poison 5 years ago
this game doesn't work for me!

Game Info

Developer: Mageta
Genre: RPG
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: Game Maker


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