Profit Motive: A Business Adventure RPG

By Profit Motive Team - Added On 2/27/2012

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This game is still In Development and is not currently playable. Follow this game to be notified of any updates!

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Game Demo

Here is the direct link to the demo as it exceeds 100 MB and cannot be hosted on the site directly:

Game Summary

Profit Motive is a modern day, corporate themed RPG. Players assume the role of Myron Meckler, a one-time executive of a major corporation who has been betrayed by his former supervisor and expelled from the company in dishonor. The game follows Myron as he strives to regain his power and position in the business world.

Players will start out as a small business owner surviving the wiles of unruly and unethical competition and grow into a mega conglomerate vying for power against rival companies in intense corporate warfare.

Key Game Features

Over the top battles featuring a unique Turn-Based Combat System.

The ability to hire key staff and gain the support of NPCs in the world who can be "Summoned"to your aid in battle.

4 Stages of Business Development including: Lv.1) Small Business, Lv.2) Franchise, Lv.3) International Corporation, Lv.4) Mega Conglomeration. Each level introduces new gameplay mechanics and player abilities that add depth and strategy to the battles.

Corporate themed story world with lots of interesting character side stories and open-world missions that explore multiple aspects of running a business. High quality background and sprite art.

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xXIam_wildXx 5 hours ago
Looks Intresting.
IrenieWeenie 1 month ago
This looks interesting. Im kinda disappointed that it seems to be canceled.
Thanh Dev
Thanh Dev 1 month ago
good game
Deejaykay 2 months ago
Pretty good so far but can I just give you a protip there? Give us more than 0.2 seconds for countering maybe? I'm not a superhuman.
StephSteph19 2 months ago
Is this game still being made? There hasn't been an update for awhile. 12 days?
I'm not sure if that's normal or not.

Not really knowledgeable on game development.
akleth12331 1 month ago
sometimes coding and stuff can take a long time so don't worry
Rickmaster10 2 months ago
looks interesting
wigglyfingers 3 months ago
I hope this game is still in development, I saw their twitter feed about the next version and it's so cool! This game has so much *depth* to it! Ah, I want more!
Schion93 4 months ago
I really wanna know if this game is cancelled, cause there has been NO updates or news since last year D:
acidpoison 3 months ago
Probably cancelled, the developer last logged in 10 months ago.
Stryata 4 months ago
Saw part of a Let's Play for this game and I was laughing so hard I got a headache. I'll be trying it myself once it works its way to the top of my games-I-need-to-play list.

Rated Teen for Comical Shenanigans. Fantastic!
at_sams 4 months ago
Hello Kasan and Bryce :D I have started a little playthrough of your demo on my channel if that's alright with you two!~ Here's the link in case you want to check it out :)

Game Info

Developer: Profit Motive Team
Genre: RPG
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: RPG Maker VX
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Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Alcohol Use
Drug Reference
Tobacco Use
Suggestive Themes
Mild Language
Comical Shenanigans
Simulated Gambling

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