Pokémon: Uncensored Edition

Pokémon: Uncensored Edition

By Savordez - Added On 10/12/2013

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Current version: Beta (Version 0.2.2) Evolve Some More [Major Patch]

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HEY! PLEASE READ THIS: http://gamejolt.com/games/pok-mon-uncensored-edition/news/important-news/21620/ THANKS!

The game takes place years after the events of G/S/C in a new region, Runko. Meet familiar faces and explore the new region. As you progress through the game, the story becomes deeper and you'll discover many secrets.

The full game will feature:

• Classic Pokémon gameplay with a twist

• 650+ catchable Pokémon (old and new)

• A whole new region, Runko

• Lots of swearing

• Sexual references

• Drug usage

• And so much more!

The world of Pokémon: Uncensored Edition is filled with dark humor. The content of the fangame is not to be taken seriously.


Created by Savordez

Beta tested by: GARY, Valtteri, Martin Gustavsson

Graphics made/ripped by: Nintendo, Savordez, Cast, Silentninja

Graphics Designer (makes graphics for this project): Valtteri

Music composed by: Junichi Masuda, Go Ichinose, Morikazu Aori, Gyrowolf

Let It Go cover made by Valtteri

TF2 main theme remix made by Ian Monsen

Lock The Thread Tonight made by KTB (Knux)

Special thanks to: Game Freak, Nintendo, God, YOU

Some extra scripting was made by: Re3zonance, Polectron, FL

Pokémon Essentials was made by: Flameguru, Poccil, Maruno

With contributions from: AvatarMonkeyKirby, MiDas Mike, Boushy, Near Fantastica, Brother1440, PinkMan, FL, Popper, Genzai Kawakami, Rataime, Harshboy, SoundSpawn, help-14, the__end, IceGod64, Venom12, Jacob O. Wobbrock, Wachunga, KitsuneKouta, xLeD, Lisa Anthony, Savordez's dog

...and everyone else who helped out

 #pokemon #fangame #mature #adultcontent #nsfw

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HKxSlashbang47 15 hours ago
any news on next update?
DK53192 1 day ago
i am currently playing this game, and I noticed a bug that u should take a look at, every time I go to bill's pc to withdraw or deposit a pokemon the game crashes, I would like this to be fixed plz. it is version 0.2.2 as well
i think that only happen to you, because there's no problem with mine. Try erase the game and install it again
Traithe80 2 days ago
i clicked run and no page came up i dnt know if im clicking somthing wrong please let me know

Also the game looks great i watched some lets play
also how did u make this game
killers742 2 days ago
im confused it keeps saying application not found???
somebody plz help
ShockingMethod 3 days ago
Lol funny
FoneVoRo 5 days ago
RictisGrin 5 days ago
I have some important information regarding glitches / moves working incorrectly / misplaced animations.

As I have been playing the game for a few days I have noticed quite a few quirks about the game. So far I have run into a few things I should let you know about.

The first of which I noticed was that moves that don't deal damage, like growl, charge, or barrier, have misplaced animations when used by the enemy pokemon. I do not know if this only happened to me, or if it is a glitch in the animations for everyone.

The second one I noticed, was that When I used my Bibarel to fight a trainer (did not make note of which) I used Rollout. Only during the turn rollout was used, the text inside the textbox was too small to read. It changed the font size of the text, then went back to normal when the choice for the turn popped up. It only happened on Rollout, and only in that battle. I do not know the cause.

The third one is how a move works. I was fighting a team Heroin Grunt (Colton I think) and his Raticate would use Sucker Punch on my Ivysaur. It normally would not connect and deal damage unless The opponent was using a damage dealing move. This Raticate used Sucker Punch when I would use Leech Seed or Sleep Powder and it would Deal damage. It would normally miss (the priority of the move still makes it go first.)

All of this was on 0.2.2 Version, and after the Animation glitches, I have turned off battle animations.

Hopefully this helps in making the game the best it can be.
I will continue to play it, and let you know if I find any other quirks that I think you should know about.

Thank you for making the game, and I hope you continue with it!
DeadliestSaiyan 1 week ago
Cant get it to work for GBA4IOS It downloads but keeps dissappearing.
Do i do something to folder??
1_6dce4e 1 week ago
When i click Downloa it just brings me to top of screen,I really want to play this,Help?
1_6dce4e 1 week ago
zekrefire105 1 week ago
the same thing is happening to me

Game Info

Developer: Savordez
Genre: RPG
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: RPG Maker XP
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Intense Cartoon Violence
Fantasy Violence
Realistic Bloodshed
Sexual Violence
Alcohol Use
Drug Use
Tobacco Use
Sexual Themes
Intense Language
Mature Humor
Simulated Gambling

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