Pokémon: Uncensored Edition

Pokémon: Uncensored Edition

By Savordez - Added On 10/12/2013

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Current version: Beta (Version 0.2.3) The Contest Patch [Major Patch]

NOTICE! IF GAME.EXE WON'T RUN PLEASE READ THIS: http://gamejolt.com/games/pok-mon-uncensored-edition/news/game-exe-won-t-run-please-read/24019/

NEW: 0.2.3 SNEAK PEEK: http://gamejolt.com/games/pok-mon-uncensored-edition/news/0-2-3-contest-patch-sneak-peek/25052/

HEY! PLEASE READ THIS: http://gamejolt.com/games/pok-mon-uncensored-edition/news/important-news/21620/ THANKS!

The game takes place years after the events of G/S/C in a new region, Runko. Meet familiar faces and explore the new region. As you progress through the game, the story becomes deeper and you'll discover many secrets.

The full game will feature:

• Classic Pokémon gameplay with a twist

• 650+ catchable Pokémon (old and new)

• A whole new region, Runko

• Lots of swearing

• Sexual references

• Drug usage

• And so much more!

The world of Pokémon: Uncensored Edition is filled with dark humor. The content of the fangame is not to be taken seriously.


Created by Savordez

Beta tested by: Valtteri & Ninjirate

The Yes Man: Megaspark

Graphics made/ripped by: Nintendo, Savordez, Cast, Silentninja

Graphics Designer (makes graphics for this project): Valtteri

Music composed by: Junichi Masuda, Go Ichinose, Morikazu Aori, Gyrowolf

Let It Go cover made by Valtteri

TF2 main theme remix made by Ian Monsen

Lock The Thread Tonight made by KTB (Knux)

Special thanks to: Game Freak, Nintendo, Martin "Matillion" Gustavsson, God, YOU

With scripts made by: Re3zonance, Polectron, FL, Super Dedenne

Pokémon Essentials was made by: Flameguru, Poccil, Maruno

With contributions from: AvatarMonkeyKirby, MiDas Mike, Boushy, Near Fantastica, Brother1440, PinkMan, FL, Popper, Genzai Kawakami, Rataime, Harshboy, SoundSpawn, help-14, the__end, IceGod64, Venom12, Jacob O. Wobbrock, Wachunga, KitsuneKouta, xLeD, Lisa Anthony, Savordez's dog

...and everyone else who helped out

 #pokemon #fangame #mature #adultcontent #nsfw

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anim8dzina 12 hours ago
this game, roflmfao
I just want to put this out there: I caught a male Tangela, with a move set of Constrict, Sleep Powder, Vine Whip, and Absorb. I nicknamed him Mr. Rape.
shednija 3 hours ago
nope now if his moves were pound harden sleep powerd and water gun now that is a pervted combo dont u think
PyroFurret 1 day ago
I found a big bug! one that cost me my poor Beefwee. If you're in the PC, when you have a Pokémon in your selection and use the options to hit cancel, it will exit you out of the PC and delete your Pokémon. Please fix this for the sake of my Beefwee! May you rest well my butterfly friend.
Savordez Game's Developer
Savordez 21 hours ago
Woah you found a big bug, but we can't do jack shit if you don't clarify. "In your selection"? What do you mean by this? When exactly does it happen? While moving a Pokémon?
PyroFurret 12 hours ago
Don't gotta sound so mean man. XD Sorry I'm new at this whole thing. Yes while moving a Pokémon. While you are holding the Pokémon. whatever you call it. Yes I just did it again. If you are holding the Pokémon in the MOVE POKEMON selection and open the options while holding it, you press cancel, it exits the PC and when you open the PC back up the Pokémon you were holding is deleted.
What about the purple "Pikachu ?"? Can you catch it?
vwinters 1 day ago
No, someone said they did but I don't think its supposed to be able to be caught.
PyroFurret 2 days ago
Question. How would one Evolve a Pokémon that normally evolves through Trading? Are you going to implement a special item like Pokémon Mystery Dungeon does, add a level evolution, add a trading system or an online mode?
vwinters 3 days ago
Hey, how come we cant get the coke when we beat Misty the second time jw?
vwinters 3 days ago
HAHA my friend stole the pokeball in the pokemart and he is pretty much locked out of the game. That's Awesome!
lazydragon 3 days ago
Can I evolve pokemon through happiness
If so, you would probably have to do some dirty things to make them happy.
shednija 4 days ago
i like this game do you think that you could put in mr.bonding in the next game but make him more pervted
shednija 5 days ago
When will the next mystery event happen I hope rock smash will be in this event
Or shednija or a master ball or gensect

Game Info

Developer: Savordez
Genre: RPG
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: RPG Maker XP
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Intense Cartoon Violence
Fantasy Violence
Realistic Bloodshed
Sexual Violence
Alcohol Use
Drug Use
Tobacco Use
Sexual Themes
Intense Language
Mature Humor
Simulated Gambling

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